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17 Mar 2010
Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Tuesday and assured that both Riki and Sergio will join the training sessions during Wednesday. He also talked of the upcoming clash against Real Valladolid.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina gave a press conference on Tuesday; firstly it was announced that Riki and Sergio will join the trainings on Wednesday, both have been out within the last weeks due to injury reasons, but it isn’t probable that both will be fit to play against Real Valladolid (Riazor, Saturday, 18h00 CET).

During the press conference the Basque manager analysed the current situation for the game, “Lassad trained today without problems, Sergio and Riki are on the right direction, and Juca is a little delayed. When everybody is fit to play then we will have a great advantage.” About who will replace Antonio Tomás, he said that “Sergio may be a choice for the game, though he will start to train until tomorrow. Juan Dominguez plays better where he performed on last Saturday. So, we still have Juan Rodriguez, who might play anywhere.”

Lotina also talked of the goals for the end of the season, “I won’t talk of final positions. The only thing that I am saying is that we are serious and that we all should push together. Later we will see where we end the tournament. Some players aren’t at their top, we are recovering players and that’s something in our favour, but need something more. We are going to be brave and put high goals to ourselves. We know is risky, but will try and later we’ll see where we end.”

The Meñaka-born coach also warned about the situation if the rival, “When we went to Valladolid they had like one year without wining at home and ended scoring four goals against us. The stats are there to be broken. We just need to think of ourselves, of been fine for the encounter. It is going to be a tough game, one of the most difficult matches until the end of the season. They see the match as their first final. “

He also refused the comments of the Madrilenian papers that were accusing Valladolid of been a “violent team”, this after the match held with Real Madrid during the past weekend, “ The game that Valladolid played with Athletic (Bilbao) was totally different to the one had with (Real) Madrid. To defeat Madrid or Barcelona a normal team has to play at the edge of the rules.”

About the past game with Sevilla, he commented that, “Truly, in that game there were some good things, but also others that we need to correct and we are working in that in order to seize the week. The team is growing, giving small steps and the impression left was good, the team not only defended well, but also had more criteria with the ball compared to past games, and that fact always brings confidence.”

Finally, Lotina talked of the announced exit of Richard Moar, the current technical secretary that’s willing to start his career as a player’s agent and that has also received an offer from Udinese, “If this is true then we will miss him, but I guess that somebody else would come. The president is who negotiates the final signing, but need a person that gives him an advice and more information. I talked briefly with him this morning and until the club says something, I won’t give my opinion.”



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