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19 Mar 2010
Juca was going to start training during Thursday, but a new muscular problem has delayed his comeback. Now the Brazilian has asked for permission in order to return to his country and accelerate his recovery process.

New setback for midfielder Juliano Antonello ‘Juca’; on Thursday he was going to start training after his latest absence due to a muscular problem, but had to cancel his plans after he started to feel more pain. Now he is requesting to the club to allow a trip to Brazil in order to work without any anxiety.

Something explained by doctor Ramón Barral, “Juca hasn’t joined the group yet, he still dealing with some issues and has asked permission to travel to Brazil. We are now studying the case in order to give him a response. He is a very competitive player, even with himself, and it’s stressing for him to be out. That’s why he has requested to continue with the recovery process in Brazil.”

“Now we have to look where and with whom he will follow the recuperation process; we have offered to him to do it with several persons, including the doctor of Brazil’s national team and he would tell us in which location he should work. This if we consider it as necessary.” The doctor added.

For now more scans will be made on Saturday then the doctors will decide if they allow Juca to travel to his home land. It would be the third case on this season of a player that returns to his country in order to accelerate his recovery process after sustaining an injury, the first two cases were Lassad and Zé Castro.



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