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26 Mar 2010
Deportivo has allowed ten goals within the last seven matchdays and has also missed to clinch a clean sheet. In that period of time the Galician team has suffered four defeats and has stepped down from Europe.

The defense of Deportivo continues to be one of the best in la liga, with 32 goals allowed after 28 matches, number only improved by Barcelona (18), Real Madrid (22) and Valencia (29); the problem is that ten of those goals (31%) have been allowed within the last seven matches, which led to four defeats and to abandon the European positions for the first time since matchday 05.

Depor doesn’t clinch a clean sheet since matchday 21 (Feb 7) during a goalless match at Malaga CF, which means seven straight liga encounters leaking at least one goal, this is the longest period without a clean sheet on this season. And this situation arrives in a critical moment, just when the team is playing for its European chances.

However, the good side of this story is that within those last seven matches the team has never allowed more than two goals per match. During the present season only in five opportunities Depor has allowed at least three goals in one single game: 2-3 at Real Madrid (matchday 01), 2-3 Vs Espanyol (matchday 03), 0-4 at Valladolid (matchday 08), 1-3 Vs Barcelona (matchday 13) and 1-3 Vs Real Madrid (matchday 20).

Besides, with 28 matchdays already played it’s possible to divide the season in four periods of seven matchdays, in the first one (within matchdays 01 & 07) the Galicians allowed 6 goals, in the second 10 goals (matchdays 08 & 14), then the team repeated the number of 6 goals leaked in the third period (matchdays 15 & 21), while the last was a repetition of the second period with 10 goals leaked (matchdays 22 & 28).

The same exercise can be made with the goals scored; the best period for Depor was the first one with 11 goals scored (within matchdays 01 & 07), then the team conquered 7 in the second (matchdays 08 & 14) and later reduced the number again to 5 (matchdays 15 & 21) just to return to 7 during the fourth period (matchdays 22 & 28). In the end Depor has only scored 31 goals, which is the lowest number among the first twelve places in the table.



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