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28 Mar 2010
Third confrontation between Michel and Lotina; both coaches won’t be at the grass of the Riazor since they are suspended. Both men are still hopeful of the European chances of their teams and promise to fight for the goal.

José Miguel González Martín del Campo, ‘Michel’ is a former Real Madrid player that conquered 15 titles during his career at the Madrilenian club. He debuted at the first team during the year 1981 and retired in 1997 at Atletico Celaya (Mexico). Then he was a commentator for Televisión Española (TVE), and for the summer of 2005 he debuted as a coach after signing another Madrilenian club: Rayo Vallecano at Segunda División B.

The Madrid-born manager didn’t achieve the promotion to Segunda and left his job at the end of that year, this in order to take control of Real Madrid’s B squad (Real Madrid Castilla). After one year there, he was promoted to the role of director of the youth teams, job that he left two years ago after a confrontation with ex-president Ramón Calderón. Then he signed for Getafe as the substitute for Victor Muñoz and barely achieved the permanence at the last matchday. This is the third confrontation of Michel against Miguel Angel Lotina, the first one was the 1-1 draw on last season’s game at the Riazor, while the other was Depor’s 2-0 win at the start of this liga campaign.

To mention that Lotina is reaching the mark of 358 matches at Primera División, same mark of the mythic Helenio Herrera and just five less than the mark of Arsenio Iglesias (363). But the Basque won’t be on the bench for this game, because he was sent off in the past clash with Sporting, same case than Jose Luis Ribera, reason why physical trainer Eduardo Dominguez will be giving the orders on the pitch. Neither Michel will be at the visiting bench, because he was also sent off in the previous match with Real Madrid, reason why his second coach, Juan Eduardo Esnáider (ex-Zaragoza striker), will be the one giving the orders.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday’s morning; he was explaining the situation with Adrián and Guardado, “Today, we didn’t want to force him (Adrián), let’s wait for how he is feeling tomorrow, it’s likely that he will make a late test, we still have to see. About Guardado, since Thursday is much better and is very happy. We will see with the physiotherapists and the doctors if he plays or stays on the bench. Sometimes is better to wait for one more week.”

Later he commented the absence of Mista, “It shouldn’t be a surprise, why I was going to pick twenty players?” The coach also assured that Riki and Lassad might be taking the place of Guardado, also that Antonio Tomás and Sergio will be starters, and that the presence of  both midfielders “will be noticed by the team, because we will have more game at the centre of the pitch.”

The Meñaka-born trainer was also talking of the current situation in the quest for Europe, “Teams like Villarreal and Atletico Madrid might had a bad start, but will always end there in the fight. For them the UEFA is a lesser evil, because their goal was the Champions (League) and to complicate things for Real Madrid and Barcelona, while for Depor, Athletic or Mallorca to enter into the UEFA is a tremendous success.”

About the rival, Depor’s coach said that, “(Real) Madrid defeated them fairly, but is a team full of quality, with very good players, a coach that likes to play football and we are going to see a nice match. It’s an important game, though we need to keep fighting, because a lot of points still in dispute and tomorrow nobody will end out of the fight, but the three points are crucial. We are coming after two straight defeats and for that reason is more important for us.”

Once again he was asked about the situation of Richard Moar, the technical secretary of the club, and this time Lotina confirmed that he is leaving, “"Because he has a tremendous professional and financial offer. I have one more year on my contract, and a technical secretary is for more years, then the club will have to think of another person. Another thing is if the club asks for my opinion, but must follow the philosophy of the president and the club.”

Finally, Lotina didn’t give importance to his absence on the pitch, “The suspension is better than I expected. A coach is important during the week, if you want during the talk on Sunday, or at half-time, but on the field what you speak or what you say to them will hardly reach the player, because he is busier with other things.”

Getafe’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday’s morning; despite the recent setback against Real Madrid he was optimistic about the European chances of his team, “The last weekend on March is important in order to see our possibilities until the end, and for the moment our chances are still intact; there are other teams involved like Villarreal and Atletico Madrid, which should be there, and we are giving the fight; even, being optimistic, the calendar is favourable to us.” 

Later the Madrilenian coach was talking of the situation with the injured players, “The team is fine, just missing the presence of Soldado, Cata (Diaz) and Ustari, this last one has an important problem in the shoulder, besides to his well known adductor problem, which was sustained in the warning up before the match at San Mamés, the rest are at one hundred percent. And we want to administrate the fitness of the squad, because the remaining games are very important for us.”

Michel was also talking of the rival, “I think they made the merits since some time ago and since some seasons ago, just when they were really sick, for saying it in one way, and since Lotina arrived with the right criteria it’s an stable team, and they are having a bad moment right now, but it’s normal to have ups and downs throughout a season.”

“Right now Deportivo is the one living a complicate second round, but just as complicated as our one, but the truth is that there were some teams that started the tournament in slow motion, and since we waked them up now it’s more complicated to add the points anywhere. The second rounds are exactly the same for everyone.” He added.

The coach of Getafe is also aware of the though competition in liga, “The situation is really tight. Just one moment ago we were saying that the relegation was already decided. Now Valladolid is going up, Tenerife is in rehab, while Racing and Zaragoza are lowering their level. We, though haven’t reached the mark of 40 points for the salvation, can say that have achieved the goal. Now our new goal is to go as far as possible.”

Finally, Michel talked of the situation after he and Lotina were sent off in the past games, "As you know I don’t usually talk about referees and their decisions. Now, it's a little excessive. It’s the same to insult a referee than any other protest. But we all have to be more polite, and at the same time they need to be a bit more sympathetic because we are all in tension."



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