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30 Mar 2010
Heavy criticism after a new disappointing presentation of Deportivo; especially for the lack of intensity and strength in defensive tasks, and it’s that Depor only committed four fouls in the game, the lowest number on the season.

La Opinión A Coruña: Black hole at the Riazor. Getafe's triumphal march through the Riazor, place where it found a black hole that pulls Deportivo down thanks to the defensive frailties of the Galicians, very soft in tasks of containment and without too many lights in attack. The away win, incontestable, is the third consecutive loss for Los Blanquiazules, which lost another three points and wins a new rival in its career to Europe, Getafe, now just two points below. Riki's goal in the final stretch was just a makeup for the big loss (1-3), but it was fair, because the difference between both sides was abysmal.

 A few soft teams are able to scratch things at Primera, those who want to win without throwing kicks, as Depor did in yesterday’s game. It was its gentle nature the fact that allowed Getafe to control the ball at will and reach Manu’s goal, substitute of Aranzubia, as quickly as easily. At times it seemed that the scenery was the Coliseum Alfonso Perez, because a few times the blue team felt as comfortable as in yesterday’s game. Football needs a vital point of aggressiveness, always without falling into violence. That was the thing lacked by Depor in the first part, to say “here I am”, especially at midfield. Lotina doesn’t have a midfielder with hierarchy for the defensive duties, someone capable of making those tactical fouls so important in specific moments. If he had it then Pedro Leon wouldn’t lead so many times the ball from his field to the area almost without opposition. Practically, Depor’s players gave him all the facilities every time he began an offense transition. And just as Pedro Leon did, it also happened with Boateng or Miguel Torres, who practically lived during the whole first part in the attacking half. Too many defensive mismatches. Too fragile. Too many facilities for Getafe, a team that, when it has the chance, is able to uncover all the talent of quality players such as Pedro Leon, Adrian and Manu Del Moral. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz De Galicia: The balloon is deflating, this is not the way to Europe or anywhere other than the pit, which fortunately is very distant. Yesterday, at the Riazor, it was saw a live team that’s improving against a zombie that’s going down. At last we saw good football in A Coruña: put by a great Getafe. The Galician team was unable to attack, which is not news, but neither defended, which was one of its hallmarks. It was a puppet for the football of the Madrilenians. Depor is like a balloon that is deflating with the passage of the matchdays: first it lost the football and now the physical form. It lacks talent and encouragement. And, yes, yesterday it also lacked key players.

Lotina opted for a 4-2-3-1 scheme, a draw in which the offensive weight corresponded to the three playmakers, the “two Johns” (Rodriguez and Dominguez) and Lassad, who had Adrian ahead. Michel raised the same initial scheme, with a different outcome. Depor’s playmakers felt uncomfortable receiving the ball almost always backwards, resulting in a string of occasions in which the ball was lost in the three quarters of the field, something that caused continuous counterattacks for Getafe, whose top four attackers sought one-on-one situations favored by the disorganization in the defensive aids at Depor, which were much less than with the usual pattern: Lassad and Juan Rodriguez allowed the rival to do their things at the sides, and by the centre the team missed strength, because Sergio and Antonio Tomas were seen tired, with three low speeds compared to Boateng, who seemed like the (Edgard) Davids on his better days. Rubén Ventureira.

Xornal De Galicia: Getafe imposes without the opposition of Deportivo. Little can be done when a team lacks punch in attack and its defense sins, sometimes, of innocence and in others, for been chaotic. That, combined with the lack of intensity, was what happened to Deportivo before a Getafe that was superior in all aspects. Los Herculinos are getting away from Europe after being overtaken by a rival that took an early lead on the scoresheet. The game was an uphill struggle when, with that bit of luck that Lotina’s men missed, Ze Castro scored an own goal. It was just until the second part and with the entry of Riki, Valerón and Guardado that the locals came with some risk. The Madrilenian scored after a corner-kick from Guardado. Great goal but in the other hand Lotina’s team is suffering due to the heavy casualties and the lack of clarity in the concepts.

AS: An overwhelming Getafe. Football is becoming a mirage. Depor came to Riazor with high esteem for its good second half in Gijón and Getafe with the head down after suffering the effects of Real Madrid. Well, the visit to A Coruña was a real walk in the clouds for Michel’s team, touching the sky with the golden trio formed by Pedro Leon, Manu and Miku.

The football mutation began with the signboard of “soft team”, a demerit assumed by Getafe on the season and that soon was transferred to Deportivo. First, giving away the left side of its defense due to the dislocation of a lost Lassad; then, transforming the centre of the pitch into a motorway where Boateng, Celestini, Manu Del Moral and Pedro Leon were transiting without any opposition. The first stab was a great move by Pedro Leon on the left, who after entering without opposition put the ball to the middle for the exhibition of Miku. The second came after a half hour, with a thick Zé Castro that headed the ball into his net.

The strength of Deportivo, the same one that led to spend more than twenty consecutive matchdays in Europe, seemed like a distant memory. There was no pressure, movement or placement, and Getafe came very close to achieve a bigger score with several long-range shots trying to take advantage of the evident nerves of Manu, who yesterday debuted as starter at Primera. Luis De La Cruz



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