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31 Mar 2010
Deportivo is the only Primera club that didn’t add any point within matchdays 27 and 29, but the worst part was the impression left by the squad in the two home games played during the past week. For the moment the players avoid to talk of a crisis.

Terrible week for Deportivo; first the squad played an awful match against Real Valladolid (March 20) and suffered an unexpected loss (0-2) that started the downward spiral; three days later (March 23) Lotina’s team lost in Gijón during a polemic match that ended with two players sent off plus both Depor’s coaches. And the week ended with the most terrible game of Depor on the season, a 1-3 loss against Getafe (March 28) that certified the lowest point of Deportivo on the season.

Before everybody was dreaming with reaching the Champions League, but now the team is even outside of the Europa League places. And it’s that Depor was the only Primera club that didn’t add any point within matchdays 27 and 29, the only two sides that added the nine points were Real Madrid and Barcelona, but a thing to have in mind is that the other European contenders neither are popping up, actually Sevilla was the second worst team in the period with only one point added, while Mallorca, Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao and Getafe only added four.

This is the first time on the season in which Deportivo suffers three straight defeats in liga, the last time this situation occurred was one year ago (January 2009) as Lotina’s team lost three matches in a row against the teams that ended the season 2008/09 at the top three places of la liga: 1-3 Vs Sevilla (matchday 18), 0-5 at Barcelona (matchday 19) and 0-1 at Real Madrid (matchday 20).

A lot has been said about the bad streak currently lived by the Galician club; some comments are hinting the relaxation of the team after securing the permanence, which is based in the fact that the team has lost aggressiveness and motivation; something demonstrated by the statistic of fouls committed in the last game against Getafe: 4. The lowest number at Primera on the season and the smallest for Depor in years.

Others appoints that the casualties of important players as Filipe, Riki, Guardado, Lassad, Sergio and more recently Aranzubia and Lopo have drained the vitality of a team that, not so long ago, knew what was doing on the pitch.

For the moment the players are avoiding to talk of crisis and neither of relaxation inside the squad, actually they are still talking of reaching the European positions, as Valerón told to reporters on Monday, “Beyond looking to the things that we are missing must recognize that we are not like before, with the same spark, but we made a very good first round, there has been a significant wear, and is normal throughout a season to have a bad streak. Everyone passes through this, but we must be aware of this and find the solutions. There is enough potential to keep fighting.”

Similar was the speech of Adrián, “The problem of Depor isn’t an issue related to the attitude; what we all want is to do the right things, but lately the outcome isn’t what we expected, but the truth is that we still there, three points below Sevilla and with nine games still to be played. What we need to do is to carry forward with this and think of Sunday’s game.”

Andalusian Juan Rodriguez was reaffirming this idea, “If someone is thinking that this team is feeling relaxed, then is confused, because we don’t like to lose.” Same answer gave by Antonio Tomás, “There is no conformism on here, but we are living a low point and the defeats are hammering us. What we need to do is to stand up as soon as possible.” The Cantabrian said.

Finally, Juan Dominguez, who has been a starter in the last four liga encounters, was trying to maintain the calm after the recent setbacks, “This is just a bad streak, it isn’t a problem caused by a lack of attitude. What we want is to enter into Europe, for us, the club and the fans. We will do anything possible in order to be there. Here nobody is lowering the arms.”



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