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31 Mar 2010
Fabril’s keeper Marcos Valín suffered a serious knee injury during Monday’s training, he twisted his right knee and was rushed to the hospital. In the end it was determined that he sustained a cruciate ligament injury and will be out for six months. It’s the third serious injury suffered by a Depor’s member on the season.

New setback for Deportivo; 22-year-old keeper Marcos Valín suffered a serious injury during a training session. It happened on Monday as the Fabril’s member was taking part of the training session with the first squad. Curiously, the sessions that are taking place one day after an official game are new on this season as they were scheduled as a therapy in order to avoid injuries caused by the fatigue.

The problem occurred when the substitutes were taking part of a training match at Abegondo (the starters were having a massage session). In order to fill the gaps Valín was performing as a midfielder and he twisted his knee as he tried to follow Iván Pérez during a play. Immediately the player fell down to the ground and he started to scream, which called the attention of Lotina and his team mates.

Even Filipe, who was working at one side of the pitch, arrived in order to see what was happening. The young keeper was immediately treated by José Sambade (keeper’s training) and by doctor Carlos Lariño. Some players said that they heard a crack and it was feared the worst, then the player had to be carried in arms to the changing room and later was rushed to the hospital by Sambade

And the scans confirmed what the doctors feared: an anterior cruciate ligament injury, which has also affected the meniscus. Which means that the keeper will have to go through surgery in the coming days and will be out of action for six months, meaning that Valín is going to miss the rest of the season and even the first two months of the coming campaign with Deportivo B.

Ironically, this was supposed to be a good week for Valín, because he was picked for the first time for a Primera match during the past weekend, this since Aranzubia was suspended and Manu had to debut as starter in la liga. The ex-Lugo keeper is considered as the third goalkeeper of Deportivo.

His coach at Fabril, Tito Ramallo, was analysing the issue during a conversation with a reporter from Riazor.org, “For what he told me, he tried to turn off during a play, because he was working as a field player in order to improve his game with the foot, and the knee ended hooked as his foot didn’t turn off. He just made a bad turn and the knee was affected. For the moment the key is to calm Marcos and start planning the strategy to see him working again with us.”

Marcos Valín arrived to Depor in the summer of 2008 after been the substitute of Diego López at Lugo, his first season at Fabril was complicated and only played six Segunda B games with the B team; things started the same for the present campaign, but recently the performance of the Guntin-born keeper improved and after series of ups and downs he became the starting keeper at Fabril since matchday 29, and in the crucial game against Cerceda he was the best man on the pitch thanks to his saves.

To appoint that this is the third serious injury suffered on the season by a Deportivo or a Fabril player. First it was left-back defender Brayan Angulo who suffered the same injury than Valín during the Copa match against Murcia, precisely the Colombian joining the trainings on the past week and is near to return to play. The second case was the other left-back at the first team, Filipe Luis, who broke his ankle and Fibula during the liga match against Athletic Bilbao.



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