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01 Apr 2010
Once again coach Lotina has been forced to prepare a liga match with several casualties at his squad, at least he is recovering Aranzubia and Lopo. At Atletico, coach Quique Flores is losing three players, including Reyes.

One more week and one more occasion in which coach Miguel Angel Lotina has been forced to prepare a match with several casualties at his squad. On Wednesday the squad started to prepare the game against Atletico Madrid (Sunday, 21h00 CET) and there were six players out due to injury reasons: Juan Domínguez (ankle), Zé Castro (muscular), Sergio (Soleus), Pablo Alvarez (ankle), Lassad (Soleus) and Adrián (muscular).

Neither of this players is discarded for the Vicente Calderón, but the truth is that they aren’t at 100%. Reason why Lotina was complaining at the press room of Abegondo, “For us it isn’t the same to not have Lassad at 100%, or Sergio at 100%, or Juca at 100%... Evidently we are noticing this. Right now we are emphasising  two or three important concepts to the players and nothing more.”

The Basque coach was also complaining of the physical state of Lassad, “He told us after the game (Getafe) that started to feel some problems when he was warning up and I don’t have an answer for his case,  if we would have it then… sometimes he is fine, in others he is not okay. It is an important problem for us. After his trip to France we begun to count with him, but he is always dealing with some issues. Surely I am worried, but can’t do anything else than to try to recover him.”

Later he was analysing the situation with Adrián, who hasn’t been at 100% after playing three matches in a matter of one week, “Adrián was a little thick during the last game, this no matter we tried to recover him since the day against Sporting, his problems started as he made a good match there, and on Sunday we noticed he was a little thick, this fact affected us for the last meeting, because lately he has been bringing things to the squad.”

Due to the mentioned casualties the Basque coach hasn’t been able to test any formation for Sunday’s clash, but at least Lotina is recovering goalkeeper Dani Aranzubia and central defender Albert Lopo, duo that was suspended for the previous match against Getafe.

But beyond the problems with the casualties, the real headache for Lotina is the latest performance of his team, “We have analyzed the situation, we realize that we had a very bad week with three straight defeats, something we didn’t expect. Besides, We haven’t played well. I know where the problems are and we’re trying to find the solutions to see the team retrieving the game and confidence, because we need to start waking up.”

"With the few points of the latest games, right now we would not only be in European positions, but with options for the Champions League and that's a pity, although earlier in the season we would have signed the present situation. We need to forget the gloom and think we're there, we still have nine games and let’s see what we can get." He added.

Finally, Lotina was resting importance to the fact that Atletico is playing today in Europe, “Atletico is living in three competitions, it’s the only one in Spain, besides to be facing a tough series (against Valencia), and they know that if they pass the round then they will have a lot of chances to reach the final. That they will notice it? Yes, but if we start thinking that they will be tired then we’re already starting to lose.”

At Atletico Madrid, today the Madrilenian team is facing Valencia FC as part of the first-leg in the quarterfinals round for the UEFA Europa League, reason why they will only have three for the rest before meeting Depor. Against his former club, Valencia, coach Quique Sanchez Flores is planning to use his “luxury” squad, including the attacking duo composed by Kun Aguero and Diego Forlán. For the match against Deportivo the Madrilenians will miss winger José Antonio Reyes and defender Juan Valera, both out due to a muscular problem, while Colombian defender José Amaranto Perea is suspended.



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