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07 Apr 2010
Strange or not, this is the first time since the years 1991 in which Deportivo loses four straight liga matches; a negative period that has pulled down Depor from the European positions and that menaces to ruin a campaign that seemed to be good.

Depor is going down in the table after losing four straight matches in la liga competition; the setbacks against Sporting Gijón (1-2), Atletico Madrid (0-2), and specially the ones at home against Real Valladolid (0-2) and Getafe (1-3) have killed the hope among the fans about playing in Europe on the next season, and at the same time it has raised the accusations against the player for been “too soft” or for been performing without intensity .

The same Lotina said after the loss with Atletico Madrid that his team was “too soft” and the numbers are proving this, because Depor only committed eight fouls in the whole game, and the first one came until minute 51, while in the previous meeting with Getafe the Galician squad only committed four fouls, the lowest number among the twenty teams at Primera throughout this season.

Maybe the most revealing statistic is the number of goals allowed; Depor ended the first round in la liga as the fourth best defense at Primera División with 19 goals allowed after 19 matches (one goal per game), mark at the time only improved by Barcelona (10), Real Madrid (14) and Valencia (18).

But the second round has been the opposite because, within the last ten matchdays, Depor has allowed another 19 goals, which has taken the average of goals leaked to 1.90 (almost the double of the first round). Now, those 19 goals received means the second worst mark at Primera División since the second round started, only Tenerife has a worst number (25). Even clubs fighting to survive like Xérez (18), Real Valladolid (18) and Racing Santander (17) have a lesser number.

No matter the reason why, the truth is that Deportivo is living its worst streak in liga since the last promotion to Primera División. In order to find the last time when the Galician team lost four straight liga matches is necessary to go back to the season 1991/1992, at the time Depor suffered four straight defeats within matchdays 07 and 10: 0-1 at Sporting Gijón, 0-3 Vs Real Madrid, 1-2 at Logroñes and 0-4 at Barcelona FC.  

And if Depor loses against Racing Santander on Sunday then the squad will tie the negative mark of five defeats in a row suffered within the seasons 1968/69 and 1969/70: 0-1 at Granada (matchday 28), 0-1 Vs Real Zaragoza (matchday 29), 0-2 at Elche (matchday 30), 0-1 Vs Zaragoza (matchday 01) and 0-1 at Barcelona FC (matchday 02). The negative record at the club is seven straight defeats in liga, something suffered between the end of the season 1966/67 and the beginning of the 1968/69 campaign.



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