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07 Apr 2010
During an interview with newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa captain Manuel Pablo defended himself and the rest of the players from the criticism towards the latest attitude of the team, this after Depor suffered four straight defeats in la liga.

Q: Do you think that some relaxation has been created inside the team after securing the permanence?
A: No. Also, last year, the same things were said when we achieved the permanence some matchdays before the end. If something has always been demonstrated by this team is commitment. Yes itís true that in these two weeks we've fallen into a pretty bad streak and we seem to be a little worse and missing confidence, but I donít think the team has dropped its arms.

Q: So, Saturdayís game wasnít a problem of attitude.
A: No. If so, it would be from the beginning of the season, and the team was fighting in the game until the second half, moment when things began to fail. We went down with the second goal, because we realised that we had problems to reach the opposite goal and we were lacking confidence. When you see that you are down 2-0, and as you lower your arms, then you realise that things will cost twice.

Q: However, there is sector of the fans that is denouncing some sort of relaxation.
A: You can not accuse this team from lack of attitude. If something has been demonstrated is unity and sacrifice. Maybe now things are harder and it seems that we gave up, but it isnít like that. Maybe we have lost some confidence and itís making things harder, because we're passing through the worst moment on the season.

Q: As the captain of the team, what message would you send to the fans, who are now feeling disillusioned for a good reason?
A: No one should doubt that weíll give everything until the end in order to finish as high as possible. I donít know if people and the fans are doubting, but none of us like to lose, and least four straight matches. Weíve shown that weíve always been competitive. Now weíre going through a bad streak and must improve, especially at home. At the Riazor we canít still failing. That's where we need to recover the good feelings.

Q: If the problem isnít a lack of intensity, then what it is?
A: Different things. At home we have failed at the moment of planning the games. Against Valladolid and Getafe we left too many spaces at the back zone. Maybe we were happier than usual in attack, accumulating too many players up front, and thatís why the rivals dominated. They were taken midfield territory and our midfielders had to run several meters in front of the rivals. There, at home, itís where we have failed to do our job. Outside, the day of Gijůn, was shown that there is no lack of commitment, because we wanted to win even with ten players. At the Calderon, within the first half, we were also good, but when you see the results go against you and that each time itís harder to attack and create more scoring opportunities, then you realise youíre missing a little more spark compared to the opponent.
Q: Against Atletico the first foul of the team was committed until the 51st minute. What do you think of that data?
A: This team has always been characterized by not committing too many fouls and neither to deserve too many yellow cards. We have always been at the top in terms of the Fair Play. Still, we always try to be intense, playing together and pressing. At the Calderon, in the first half, when we didnít commit fouls it was when we were better, closer to the rival and controlling them. So that data is a bit anecdotal.

Q: Has the European train passed by or do you believe that you still have time to ride it?
A: We still have options, what happens is that now there are more teams in contention and it will be more difficult. We are three points behind the sixth place and know we need to improve at home, place where the goals are achieved. In recent years we converted the Riazor into a difficult stadium. We knew that in the second round the teams play for more things and become stronger at home, and that's where we have lost the train, but the engine still on.

Q: The initial target wasnít Europe, but the team remained for twenty consecutive matchdays at the top six places. after all this time , is it painful to see you out of those positions?
A: Although it wasnít the goal, itís always painful. When you see yourself there, we all were hoping to be in Europe. It's a bit disappointing, but we still have options. The first thing to do is to get the three points at home this Sunday.

Q: Are the players feel affected?
A: Everybody feels touched. None of us like to lose, and less so many games in a row; you see that the team doesnít find a solution, but as the week pass you forget it and think that another game is coming and that winning is going to be an obligation.



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