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08 Apr 2010
Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Wednesday and admitted the errors that his team is committing, while he also announced that Manuel Pablo will be rested as Raúl will play at the left side and Laure at the right.

Miguel Angel Lotina talked to reporters on Wednesday, he starting saying that the same squad must find the way out to the current negative streak, “We are the first ones feeling disappointed, we know that we are doing very badly on this month, but the same squad has done things very well in the first round and they must remember how. There are better teams with many fewer points that will love to be where we are standing right now. Not all is bad news, we have 42 points and without the fans we can not defeat anyone. On Sunday the good fans must cheer us up, in the end if things go wrong we will accept the criticism."

"We are all aware that we are not doing so well, that we miss the same concentration had in the first round. This doesn’t mean that the team doesn’t have a good attitude, but that maybe we aren’t doing all the details, and unconsciously we’re paying a very high bill. We have to redo all the small details. The results of the conversation? Well, we won’t change things with just one hour of talking." Were his comments regardless to the one-hour conversation had with the players during Wednesday.

About the criticism towards the number of fouls committed in the last two games, the Basque manager said that, "We've never been a very aggressive team, but although aggressiveness and intensity are different things, on the pitch both concepts come together. The rest of the conversation I want to leave it on the inside, usually I talk to the squad every week, but I thought it was time to talk more and to see more people speaking out. In football there are fouls that you must commit, and we're no longer doing this. We don’t know how to distinguish the line between not committing silly fouls and the ones you have to do. This is one of the problems, it’s obvious because we are showing an average of 5-7 fouls per game. "

"What (Jorge) Valdano said, that football is an emotional state, is very true. We are working well, we're not longer tired, we have spent the last nine weeks training just in the morning... it’s true that we have had many injuries, we have recovered players that were fine from their injuries, but not well recovered in a physical sense, and that doesn’t benefit us. But I think our heads are affecting us more than all of that, there’s no excuse to be tired." He added.

Lotina continued analysing the problems of Deportivo, "When we had 42 points, it was the only time when I said ‘we are going for the Champions League.’ Since then we haven’t added any points. As if I had put my tongue anywhere else. We didn’t say ‘that's it, we have enough.’ We said that it was time to go for everything and it went wrong, not because we have relaxed. If so, for me it would be more reassuring, but this is not the problem."

One of the surprises was the announcement of the changes that the coach is planning to make at the defensive zone, “We won’t change the system, but maybe the players. Manuel Pablo has played many games, more than once carrying with important physical problems, he’s no longer 25-years-old and it affects. We must thank his effort, but maybe is time to pass Laure to the right and to see Raúl playing, which will the most logical thing, or to allow the presence of Seoane. Right now I keep thinking of this year and will continue to do so, but it’s the right time to think of the next year. There are people I want to see and later take a decision ahead of the summer.”

“Pablo Álvarez and Juan Domínguez were able to train, tomorrow Lassad might reenter for part or the full session, it depends on how he is. Mista has surpassed the problem of the past week… in that sense the news is positive. Sunday’s game is a key. If we fail, it will mean too many mistakes and a too much advantage, those are three vital points. If the team returns to be the same one of the first round then we will have more options to enter into Europe, that’s for sure.” He added.

Lotina even had time to comment his visit to Real Madrid Castilla in order to watch some of its players, “I watched the game Castilla – Villanovense and it was a normal game at Segunda B. I knew Castilla for some videos, but wanted to see more. We all know that in all the B squads of the big clubs there are players that will be important, I just wanted to see their maturity and characteristics. I have a clearest idea now, but nothing special.” 

A curious thing was to heard the Meñaka-born manager assuring that Messi won’t play in next Wednesday’s confrontation at the Camp Nou, “On next Wednesday Messi is not going to play against us, someday he has to rest. Barca still is dangerous without him, but I don’t count with him. He won’t play. It’s an honour to have him in la liga, these kinds of phenomenal have to be watched and suffered. Same than Cristiano, and next year we might have Cesc (Fabregas), Rooney… it’s a big show and must enjoy with them.”

Finally, Depor’s coach talked of the possible strike that might affect la liga for matchday 33, “A strike will be extremely harmful. I believe we have to sit, talk and solve the problems now. We can not allow that because we have the Premier (League) there, they are better organized and have an advantage. We must do a better effort to be the best league in the world, and that isn’t just a matter of bringing the best players.”



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