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08 Apr 2010
On Sunday Raúl Garcia became into the fifth Fabril player that debuted with the first team during this season, the 20-year-old left back defender talked to newspaper La Voz De Galicia and analysed the details of his first match with Depor.

Q: Are you saving the shirt with the number 32?
A: Yes, I would have preferred the blue and white one, but I will save it.

Q: Do you have more at home?
A: Two blue and white shirts when I was picked against Xérez and Valladolid, I gave one to my girlfriend and the other is mine, and I also have the black one in Copa against Sevilla.

Q: How was your debut at Primera División?
A: An unforgettable experience. I felt very comfortable on the pitch and I want to repeat.

Q: Again on Sunday?
A: I wish, hopefully with a win.

Q: The coach said on Saturday that he included you in the squad, because you were playing very well with Fabril and as a reward for your trainings...
A: And to have in mind that to debut means to fulfill my dream. And now I am even more eager to work and move forward.

Q: What orders were given to you before jumping to the field?
A: He gave me the instructions... because, well, I wasn’t playing at my usual place. I played as a left winger, but very close to the defensive line as I was giving aids to Laure, and, well, about all this: he gave me instructions on what I had to do, because I'm not used to play on that function, and also gave me some confidence, he told me to play with confidence and above all to touch the ball with ease.

Q: Did you have time to fulfill the orders, because you only played for eight minutes?
A: Besides, I think the referee didn’t give too many minutes in the stoppage time. For me, everything happened very quickly: I jumped to the pitch and then he whistled the end (he laughs).

Q: And you had to face Ujfalusi, who isn’t afraid of throwing some punches.
A: Yes, it was the first play I had and he committed a foul.

Q: Did you talk to him?
"Yes, I asked for his shirt. The truth is that I really wanted to have it. He asked if this was my debut and congratulated me.

Q: Lotina compared him to Cristiano Ronaldo.
A: Yes, for the play of the third goal. But I watched him before and liked his previous matches, and as he can also play as a side defender, you watch him a little more.

Q: But did you planned to ask for his shirt?
A: A priori I thought in Kun (Aguero) or Forlán, but those were already promised to the veterans of the team, and I liked the one of Ujfalusi.

Q: At the end of the game I guess everybody was quiet at the changing room and you were happy with your debut.
A: At one hand, I was very happy to debut and play at Primera División, because I never thought of reaching this level. But, from the collective point of view, I was sad for the result and because it was the fourth in a row.

Q: Did the coach say anything after the game?
A: No, but everyone congratulated me for the debut.

Q: Any special phrase?
"Adrian, who is with whom I have a better friendship, he said he was delighted with my debut.

Q: Any practical joke?
A: No, no. It wasn’t the moment for jokes.

Q: What caused the defeat?
A: In the first part they just had one opportunity and scored, and though we failed to have more arrivals everything was under control. What happens is that in the second part it was noticed a drop in the intensity; they have very good people up front, and then we saw how lethal they are.

Q: The homegrown players are enjoying of more opportunities at the lowest point of the season.
A: It may be that this is the reason why we are entering more, but also because we are the team with more injuries. For me, this downturn is caused by this reason.

Q: And ahead of the end of the season?
A: Above all, to keep learning and improving, which is what leads you to be there. I am now focused on Fabril, because we have to win the league and earn the promotion.

Q:  Do you see yourself playing another year at Tercera?
A: Last year I already was at Tercera with Montañeros, and this year I wanted to be at Segunda B, but Fabril had the misfortune to fall and this is what it is. Let’s see if this year we can take back the team to Segunda B, which is where it belongs.

Q: If Filipe leaves, do you think his replacement is at home?
A:  Hopefully it will be me, but the truth is that I don’t plan to be there with the first team. For me this is a gift for the work I'm doing at the B squad.

Q: Did you talk with your grandfather?
A: Yes, he was watching the match and, as Depor was losing, was ready to go to bed, but was told that I was warming up and held and was very happy for me.



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