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09 Apr 2010
Midfielder Iván Pérez played for the first time in five matchdays during the visit to Atletico, he had a good scoring opportunity with his free-kick saved by De Gea. He talked to paper La Opinión and analysed the play and the current situation at the squad.

Q: Will you remember that scoring opportunity in a long time?
A: It was a good attempt and De Gea showed why he’s a great keeper at a big club and member of the national squad. It can be something to remember, but I'm not going to live of a free-kick. I will live of my continuing work, of giving everything and from growing up. It was okay, but in football you can’t live of the “uys”.

Q: But you need confidence to throw a free-kick like that.
A: You always have confidence when you take a free-kick. If someday I don’t have confidence or don’t feel qualified, I prefer to leave the opportunity to a team mate, because it’s more positive for the team.

Q: Don’t you feel impressed at a stadium like the Calderon?
A: For me nothing changes. It’s the same for me. It is always a matter of a ball, ten partners and eleven rivals. Not for being in another stadium or in another environment your head is going to think that you are seeing by many people.

Q: How was the talking with Lotina?
A: Well. It's nice and good to have these conversations and to see what everyone thinks, always searching the best for the team

Q: Do you have a total union inside the squad?
A: Absolutely. Everyone is going to bring a maximum effort and everything we have in the inside to deal with these games remaining in the calendar, because the group and the fans deserve it. We are all united for spinning again towards the path of the victory. No one wants to continue with an air of defeatism.

Q: How are the things at the changing room?
A: The team quickly recovers from the hard hits. We have spent four straight games losing, but the game still football and we have to face the next matches with hope, because the dynamics change from one matchday to another.



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