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13 Apr 2010
The Sportpapers are claiming that Deportivo no longer aspires to Europe after the 1-1 draw with Racing; the level of the team continues to be uncertain and there are no signs of recovery. The media of Cantabria is also unhappy with Racing.

AS: Unless a miracle appears, Depor and Racing can spend these last seven matchdays preparing for next season. Yesterday’s game dismounted the Galicians from the fight for Europe after a disastrous run in which they only added 2 of 18 possible points. The Cantabrians, after Saturday's defeat of Tenerife, Valladolid and Xérez, increase the difference with the drop zone to seven points, a figure that appears as an insurmountable barrier for the trio at the bottom.

 Depor's European resignation hurts, especially because after four straight losses this match could not be more favourable. Riki, master of the Riazor, only needed 36 seconds to open the can. A long pass from Aranzubia, a major mistake by Oriol, and good definition of the Madrilenian. Deportivo’s striker was living his afternoon and didn’t add more goals to his tally for a couple of good saved made by Coltorti, a ball hitting the wood and an inexplicable disallowed goal by a Mateu Lahoz that baited with the Madrilenian. Riki's merit, regardless of his football, was his patience and concentration.

Apart from the Madrilenian, the match served to demonstrate that Depor and Racing are not by chance two of the worst teams in the second round (only Valladolid is worse). Without Canales on the field, the Cantabrian resources, especially its punch, are minimized. Tchité had the goal, as well as Munitis, but their definition border on naivete. Colsa was more dangerous at the edge of half-time, but the post prevented the tie.

The game lived on a wire from the second 36 with the goal of Riki. Racing controlled the actions and it seemed that Depor could finish the job. Meanwhile, the counterattacks were coming and going with moments of tactical disarray. Without clear ideas, a cross of the talisman Munitis (six games at the Riazor with Racing with four wins and two draws) was found by Toni Moral at the far post. It was a fair result, especially since Riki, the only one who really deserved the reward, was already out of the field. Luis de la Cruz

La Opinión A Coruña: Things seemed pretty cool almost without starting the game. To find a goal with less than half a minute played is something that rarely happens and to spoil it seems like a very serious sin. And if the team didn’t commit a sin it actually means that the team is feeling hurt in the final stretch of the season. I fully agree with the idea that this block gave more milk during the entire season, so much that right now it depleted the reserves. It stressed to the limit, until it stopped. Surely it has reached the proposed objective, and in this sense you can not say anything to the players, but by running out of fuel, without strength, you can pass from an extraordinary season to only have a good season, simply. Especially for one thing: the latest impressions are always the things remembered.

Now the speech is that the team has spent six matchdays without winning and that on Wednesday it will make seven, because nobody believes it can win at the Camp Nou. There is also the talking of having 43 points. But nobody talks of the previous games, the intensity of its football, of its defense. Today’s Deportivo, as in other recent games, wasn’t able to close the meeting, to close the gate, to close the roads to the opponents, something that the players know how to do, as they already demonstrated it. It may be lack of confidence, even exhaustion. Whatever, but it’s affecting the performance of some players who are now feeling touched, but we see that it costs them a lot to get up again. It remains, after the visit to Barca, six games. The difference is important, but not insalvable. This is not the problem. Xosé Manuel Mallo.

La Voz De Galicia: Depor has lived from the rent during the entire second round. Yesterday it tried to live of the income harvested in 34 seconds, time that that Riki lasted to score. For this team the season is becoming too long; it was an eternal match for them. It planned the game as a countdown: it waited and waited for Racing, which hit at minute 83. After the draw, Europe is a dream for Los Blanquiazules, located now five points away from the sixth place. Rubén Ventureira

Xornal de Galicia: The victory escapes from Deportivo. Six games without a win and a new disappointment. When it seemed that the sky of Deportivo was clearing out against a Racing that could have been trashed, Lotina’s men blew away the win at the last minute. With its best football in months, will and desire, the local players didn’t left people to fit into the seat, a great Riki, who suffered numerous mistakes by the referees, opened the scoresheet after just 32 seconds. Against a very weak Racing in defense and little offensive punch, Depor could have ended with a bigger score, but the Cantabrians grew up at the last minute. In an error of Aranzubia, they reached the equaliser (1-1). What a jar of cold water. Lotina’s men were unable to break with the bad results and the lack of aim is leaving Europe a bit more away. Barca now waits.
El Diario Montañes (Cantabria): Tribute to sadness; the football of this 'liga of the stars' is a liar and it’s mortally wounded. It's boring. A competition in which only two games are interesting becomes red when some still defend it as the best in the world. Lie. Yesterday’s game at the in Riazor is a slap in their face. Two teams that deserved to lose, playing poorly and showing a repertoire that will take less ink on the papers than the mouthpiece of Cristiano Ronaldo. But it was just one of many games. One more, because almost all are like this: 1-1 draw and yet, the matchday was perfect for a Racing that will continue at Primera with a need of points lesser than ever before. Fair result, but the real justice would take away two points to both sides. Álvaro Machín



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