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13 Apr 2010
Lotina has passed from talking of Champions League to fear the permanence on next season; meanwhile the players were feeling sorry for wasting a good chance to add the three points.

The result seems to have affected the feelings of everybody; a few weeks ago coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was talking of reaching the Champions League, now he was worried for clinching the permanence on next season, "We need to play better, we can not fool ourselves, we miss consistency. We aren’t living our best moment, that’s the truth. This should open your eyes for next season and in that sense this is going to be useful. I think it's important, because I don't want to suffer. I suffered a lot the year of Real Sociedad in a team prepared by others and don't want to suffer on here in a team prepared by myself. Evidently, I should worry."

“Europe is now difficult; I thought that the whole team would be healthy for the last ten matchdays, but things are getting delayed and it wasn’t like that. As long as we have chances we will try to win, though I know that right now we have to face Barcelona. What matters is that we need to play well.” He added.

About the match, he was felling sorry for all the wasted opportunities missed by his players, “The things were pretty good since the start, but we never had the capacity to score the second goal. In the end we had several errors in the same play and it cost us the draw. The heat was terrible and some players are at the limit. Sergio shouldn’t have played for ninety minutes, but there wasn’t any other midfielder and Antonio (Tomas) asked for the substitution.”

Iván Pérez was feeling sorry for the final result after all the chances had by Depor to score a second goal, “I think it was clear: we had opportunities and we have forgiven; we had chances to materialize the second goal, but it wasn’t scored and they achieved the equaliser. I think we have tried to give everything and right now, we aren’t having the same results than in the first round, but if you ask anybody you will see that all of us are hoping to train well and clinch the three points in every game.”

Asked if Depor should now renounce to its European aspirations the midfielder said that, “I think that no, we still there, and the rivals still have to add the points in order to enter into Europe. We will try to add the points in order to clinch the additional goal, because our main goal was to save ourselves. I think we don’t need to be worried of Barcelona, and must try to add the points and give a surprise.”

Different was the opinion of Riki, the scorer of the lonely goal of Deportivo, “Our European aspirations are going down and things are complicated to end among the top six spots, though seven matchdays remain and we will keep fighting. The team was aggressive since the beginning, but football lasts ninety minutes.”

About the upcoming clash against the powerful Barcelona, the Madrilenian said that, “On Wednesday a tough match is waiting for us, but we want to do a good job, we need to feel convinced that we can obtain a positive result, because if we go there thinking in receiving a big score, then the better thing is to not make the trip.”

Raúl García was the third player that talked to reporters, the Fabril’s defender debuted as starter and was expressing his feelings about the subject, “I was feeling very comfortable, especially in the first part, in the second maybe we missed the ball. I still have to progress and tried to do my best. I want to remember that first goal at the Riazor. We couldn’t achieve that victory, but well… we must continue working.”

“The coach gave me freedom to attack and gave me the instructions to assist the wingers; the football on here is different to the one practiced at Tercera. At the beginning you are a little confused, but little by little you enter into the dynamic of the match. All the team mates help you and you start to feel used to it.” He added.

Augusto César Lendoiro was trying to find the words to describe what he saw, “It seems we are… we… we have spent a lot of time without adding the three points and the true is that you see things in a different way. We had things favourable, but the true is that the draw was fair; now we must wait in order to return to the path of the victory. The first round was very good and now the second is worse. We can not lower the airs, because a lot of points still in dispute and still have to play against Mallorca in La Coruña and Athletic in Bilbao, and those meetings could be decisive.”

About the incidents occurred at a bar outside of the Riazor, the president said that, “With the news that I have received, I can not give a proper opinion, but we condemn any act of violence. I was informed at half-time by the president of the Peñas. We will see what we will do later, but this is negative for football and for all of us.”

On Monday, Sergio talked to reporters after the training session, he refused the accusations against the players for been lacking motivation, “Man, the true is that… he… nobody likes to not win at home, especially against Racing, a rival against you need to add the three points. But well, it’s clear that the team tried, it’s also clear that we aren’t living our best moment, but it’s true that talking of will and attitude nobody can reproach anything to us. It’s a pity that when it seemed we had the game closed the goal came and it's affecting our work. The result could be fair for the things saw on the pitch.”

“We need to make another balance, I agree with you that Europe is now more far from us, but we talk about been far from Europe and later again about been far from Europe, and it seems that Europe is an obligation, and that obligation is imposed by yourselves (the reporters), but I think the team was never configured to be in Europe, the team was configured to make a good year, to have a tranquil year, and if we can achieve the reward of Europe, the better. But the team is not living its best moment, maybe is living its more critical moment. We need to look back and realize that we are living a privileged situation, a lot of team would love to be like Deportivo La Coruña.”

Neither the reporters in Cantabria were happy with the performance of Racing, the reporters heavily criticised the performance of the players, but coach Miguel Ángel Portugal was trying to be positive, “We fought in order to achieve something positive, so I am satisfied with the work done. We reacted to the quick goal and continued playing, and little by little we have achieved the draw. In a general sense we were fine and at the end added a point. We played against a rival that was playing for the Champions. They know what to do. According to you (talking to a Cantabrian reporter) it seems that we were playing against anyone.”




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