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15 Apr 2010
The biggest victory for Fabril on the season and now the team is already qualified to the playoffs; things were though within the first twenty minutes, but after the first goal Bergantiños started to fell down. Luis Angel scored twice and is now the Pichichi.

Coach Tito Ramallo was having the casualties for injury reasons of Marcos Valín, Diego Vieytes, Juan Dominguez and Momar, while David Rochela was suspended. Also, Raúl Garcia missed the game as he was concentrated with the first team ahead of the clash with Racing Santander.

In the end the coach kept the 4-3-2-1 system implemented in the past games; with Diego Rivas at the goal, Diego Seoane at the right-back position, Cristian Valle on the left, while Karl was replacing Rochela joining Castillo at the centre of the defence. The three pivotes were Hector, performing at the centre, Dani, playing towards the right, and Richi towards the left. The playmakers were David Añon and Luis Angel, while Joshua was the central attacker.

Bergantiños arrived to the match in a delicate moment, with five defeats within its previous six matches and with seven casualties at the squad: midfielders Javi Gonzalez, Pablo Dominguez and ex-Depor defender Borja Facal were injured, while defender Javi Angeriz strikers Josito and Josiño and defender Javier Rochela were suspended. This last one is the brother of Fabril defender David Rochela. Ex-Fabril keeper David Yañez was at the goal, while ex-Depor striker Jose Luis Deus was also part of the starting eleven, this last man played eleven games at Primera with Depor’s first squad within the years 1996 & 1998.

It was the biggest score achieved by Depor B on the season, but things didn’t look so easy at the start of the match, because despite Fabril was having the ball possession Bergantiños was putting a lot of pressure and both sides were committing a lot of fouls, something that reduced the pace of the game. Things seemed balanced within the first twenty minutes, and actually the locals were the first ones to enjoy a opportunity to score as Deus released a lateral free-kick that Diego Rivas cleared out.

Within the first thirty-five minutes Fabril had big difficulties to reach the opposite goal and it only created some danger through set-pieces, mainly free-kicks searching for the head of central defenders Castillo and Karl. It was until the final ten minutes that the visitors started to find themselves on the pitch, mainly because Depor B started to find some depth on the wings, and the first goal came in a key moment: six minutes before halftime.

The play was started by Cristian Valle, who sent a drilling cross from the left and into the path of Luis Angel, who was at the near post and tried to shot on target, his attempt was going to the far post and it hit a rival, then the rebound was found by Ricardo Fernández Pérez ‘Richi’, who scored the goal with a volley that defeated David Yañez. The 19-year-old left winger was recently promoted from Juvenil A and has been a pleasant surprise as this was his third goal after seven liga matches with Depor B.

Things were much easier for Fabril during the second half, the team of Ramallo scored four times and all was possible since Bergantiños became into a desperate rival that was trying to attack at any cost, but that never created any scoring opportunity due to the pressure put by the visitors. At the same time, the locals left too many spaces at the back as they were trying to go up front and Depor B capitalised that scenario creating eight scoring chances and seizing the half of them.

The first chance came with Valle, but his attempt from long-distance went wide, later Luis Angel missed an opportunity through a free-kick, but the Canarian was going to have his “revenge”, actually it was double as he scored twice within ten minutes.  First after collecting at the far post a cross from the right coming from Diego Seoane, later through a direct free-kick that went into the top left corner of David Yañez. In this way the 21-year-old winger/playmaker/striker becomes into the Pichichi of the team with eleven goals scored on the Tercera season.
Suddenly, Bergantiños gave up and Fabril spent the last twenty minutes having a comfortable match, totally opposite scenario to the one lived at the start of the encounter. It was then when Ramallo made his modifications as he allowed the entry of Hugo Garcia, Juan Carlos and Diego Vela. And the first two youngsters were going to contribute in the scoresheet as Fabril found two new goals in the final minutes.

First Juan Carlos released a free-kick from the edge of the area that was headed backwards and into the net by Karl Kaimba, it’s the first goal in liga for the French central defender. Later, Juan Carlos assisted again and Hugo Garcia appeared in the stoppage time to score the fifth goal with a drilling shot from close range that entered near to the left post.

It was a sweet weekend for Depor B, not only for achieving its fifth win in a row and the biggest score on the season, but also because Cerceda lost (1-2 Vs Cultural Areas), now the difference with the second place is of eight points, and with only five games remaining in the calendar the squad of Ramallo only needs two or three new victories in order to claim the first spot in the group. Anyhow the team is already qualified to the playoffs as fifth place Naron Balompie is twenty-three points away.

Comments of Tito Ramallo, “We were superior. They were fresher within the first twenty minutes and were closing all the gaps, but we started to move the ball through the sides, it gave problems to them and that’s how we scored the first. The 0-1 was harmful for them, and since that point we saw a firm Fabril with clear ideas. We are still gaining maturity and using fresh players. Besides, the result improves our goal average against our direct rivals.”

Bergantiños: (4-2-3-1) David Yañez – Dani Becerra, Borja Señariz (Jordi 68’), Muiño, Dani Gómez - Madrigal, Iván Amor - Moreira (Rubén 74’), Fernando, Alexandre (Jorge Vigo 54’) - Deus,
Deportivo B: (4-3-2-1) Diego Rivas -  Seoane, Castillo, Karl, Valle – Dani (Vela 83’), Héctor, Richi - Luis Ángel (Juan Carlos 76’) Añón - Joshua (Hugo García 70’)
Goals: 0-1: (39’) Richi, 0-2: (59’) Luis Ángel, 0-3: (69’) Luis Ángel, 0-4: (89’) Karl, 0-5: (90+3’) Hugo García.
Referee: Leiras Martínez. He showed yellow card to Borja Señaris and Juan Carlos.
Venue: As Eiroas (400)
Other stats: Occasions to score (2 - 10), Corner-kicks (4 - 6), Fouls committed (14 - 21)
Best players in the game: Luis Angel (8), Richi (8), Dani (8), Héctor (8) and Karl (8). Source: Depor Sport.




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