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16 Apr 2010
Despite the score and the negative feelings gave by Depor within the last month and a half, the media wanted to rescue some of the things done by the team at the Camp Nou, especially the first twenty minutes on the second half.

AS: Depor believed in the miracle for 25 minutes, and it isn’t enough with that. It was the time span between the rest and the goal of Pedro. In that short space of time, Lotina’s men were all together, moving the ball, Riki had a good chance and even the Camp Nou began to get nervous, knowing that la liga had not been completed at the Bernabéu, and if they wanted to win the team would have to sweat, and a lot. At that scarce half an hour, the Depor of the first round showed up, that solidary team with clear ideas that remained for twenty matchdays in Europe

Lotina's talk during the break must have a lot to do with it, because in the first part Deportivo was a complacent team, almost astonished at the scissor-kick attempt of Alves, Messi's dribbling skills, the touch of Xavi and the verticality of Pedro. Only the complacency of Barca, and Aranzubia, allowed the Galicians to still alive in the match, though it was a football agony that could have removed the colours to anyone.

Like it or not, Deportivo is living some advance vacations since it achieved the permanence. It is the worst team in the second round, but these 25 minutes must be used to recover the team of two months ago. It still have six matchdays to recover the pride, to see Guardado reaching the World Cup threatening, also to see Riki braking his personal records, or to see Aranzubía clinching again a clean sheet. At least Messi didn’t score yesterday, and that's something. Luis De La Cruz

La Opinión A Coruña: Signs of identity. There are two ways of playing against Barcelona: the first is to press at their defensive line, but you have to deal with the risk that they could come out of that pressure and then you will discover that the team only has few people to defend, and the second way is to play in retreat, as Depor did, but there you have to try to create some danger when you steal the ball, because otherwise the rival will end playing and playing with the ball and you have to defend far behind. Deportivo, during the first half, though it tried and forced two corner kicks, wasn’t able to generate much danger and was at the mercy of Barcelona’s attacks. In the second half, during the first twenty minutes, Deportivo kept the ball possession and created in Barca some sense of uncertainty. After the 2-0, which was a move in part miserable, the game was over. Despite the final 3-0, Deportivo regained the defensive work, the solidarity and some ongoing aids, those signs of identity shown throughout the first round. Richard Barral

La Voz De Galicia: Barcelona Mega-Snake. I must admit that had thought this idea since the beginning, in anticipation of what we believed it could be a demolition at the Camp Nou. It’s the song of Mogwai titled “Glasgow Mega-Snake”, and in my head is this: the battle until death between a post nuclear monster, that threatens a Japanese megalopolis, and Godzilla, which is to prevent the destruction in the climactic scene of a sci-fi film of the Z series. Replace the monster with Depor, the Japanese city for Barcelona and Godzilla for “Pep Team” and that was the metaphor:

At least that was the sound of the first half. Depor still in downhill, melancholy and not even with the excuse of the improvised pre-season that seemed mounted in the past days (few opportunities for the less habitual players, except for Piscu, which I can not understand) About Barca, I confirmed one thing that Lotina said at the press conference: it modulates the intensity according to the importance of the event. Well, the second half against Deportivo will hardly be repeated in the tie with Inter Milan. Miguel Piñeiro.

Xornal de Galicia: It’s strange to speak well of a team that just lost 3-0 and already accumulates seven straight games without a win at Primera División. In A Coruña, nobody thinks of Europe, there is no conversation of the possibility that Deportivo will be disputing a continental competition during next season. Last Sunday, after drawing with Racing, even the most optimistic fan was highly critical towards Lotina’s team. Yesterday it wasn’t like that; and that taking in mind that the team fell down thrashed (3-0) against Barcelona. But there are many ways to lose. And yesterday’s one was a defeat with dignity, at least as long as a setback can be described as a defeat with dignity. Because in front there was the best team on the planet, and who knows maybe of the entire history of football. And Depor didn’t hide and went out to bite; or at least to try. Omar Bello

Mundo Deportivo (Barcelona): Barca is living its best moment and is ready to face its most difficult game on Saturday at the Cornellà, against Espanyol. The Catalans made an exhibition against Deportivo with three symbolic goals. The first, Bojan made it clear that the great little player at Barca youth system always have a chance to score and uses to accomplish it when Guardiola trust in him and place him as starter.

The second is a work of art, topped by the outstanding Pedro, who one year ago was playing at Tercera División and now symbolizes the new spirit of Barca. The play of the great goal is tremendous. The assistor is ... Valdés! and the more advanced man, in the position of centre forward who expects to receive the pass near the area, is ... Alves! Aranzubia, a good goalkeeper, clears out and Pedro without stopping the ball, almost from midfield, hits the ball to make a parabola that went to the opposite side, achieving the most important goal of the game.

Until then, the club had played very good football, but the score was a meager 1-0, little reward for so much football. But at any time Deportivo could give have giving a surprise. The goal of Pedro stopped any Galician aspiration; it cleared out any old ghost and closed the match. Pedro is a true model in this Barça, side that has the best player in the world and a youngster who works as anybody else, he scores goals and has won the spot with the sweat of his brow and talent.

And the third goal was a 'yayazo'. Toure had a starring role last season in supplying the absences at the centre of the defense and did it with authority. But shortly after arriving at FC Barcelona, one of the issues that surprised the most regardless to his football was his strong shot from long distance, the 'yayazo'. Touré, however, did not lavish. Yesterday he hit hard and scored again and Barca needs the goals from its strikers from the B squad, but also needs the second line. Yesterday, any of the three goals had its short story, but the general balance was clear: the club faces its best time, the decisive moment, when you play for the titles, with the highest commitment, at the top of football and with a special desire to win everything. Santi Nolla.



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