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28 Mar 2006
The first conflict in Caparr??s' era has emerged. The Sevillan coach is upset because of the rumours concerning the departure of important players like Andrade and Duscher. He is also angry because of the way in which Fabril has been managed by the club's officials. Now Caparr??s is saying that his possible exit in June shouldn't be dismissed.

Coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s talked with several radio stations about the motives behind his frustrations and his declarations were reproduced by sportpaper AS. His main complaints are the almost confirmed departures of important players like Duscher and Andrade: "It seems like we would even sell our secretary!, we can't leave the impression that we will even sell the balls we use at training. We can't sell pessimism." For Caparr??s the economic situation isn't enough of an excuse to sell the best players in his squad: "You can't justify everything with the economic state of Deportivo, because 70% of the other clubs are in the same situation".

The Utrera-born coach is also disappointed for the way in which Depor's officials are managing the young squads: "In Spain, people talk too much about the young squads. It's necessary to invest and dedicate more time to the kids. Deportivo B should be almost a professional team, the coaches must have a better salary and the young squad must really be a B team."

Caparr??s has left an open door to leave the club if his concerns aren't dealt with: "I will not live forever in my two-year contract, as a selfish person I can do that, but it isn't my way of thinking. I have to talk with the president during the present week if it's possible or if not, at the beginning of the next one."

In this way a new crisis has begun, in January Caparr??s signed a new contract for two more years and Lendoiro referred to him as "the correct coach in order to lead the new project of Deportivo." Now Depor's president will have to convince the Sevillan trainer if he wants to keep his project running. The changes in the young squads could be the easiest part, but it seems difficult to imagine that Lendoiro will agree to retain players like Duscher, a tough problem bearing in mind that a balanced budget needs the exit of the Argentinean in order to recover the €17 million assigned as transfer incomes.

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