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17 Apr 2010
It was the surprise in the lineup against Barcelona; AdriŠn Lůpez īPiscuī played his second game on the liga season. The Galician defender talked to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and analysed his situation and his near future.

Q: Colotto on the bench and you at the starting squad. Did you expect it?
A: I didnít know anything. That possibility was considered only in the training we fulfilled on the day of the match, in the morning.

Q: Against Barcelona, besides, did you receive any special instruction by the fact that you only played one game in la liga?
A: Not at all. I have to be prepared. For this reason I work all year long, to be adapted to the team at the moment of playing.

Q: You shouldnít be impressed since you knew the stadium, you already played there.
A: Yes, two years ago, in a 1-2 loss with a goal from Cristian at very beginning of the game. We took the lead and then they scored with a goal from Ronaldinho's penalty and another by Bojan, I think (it was Xavi).

Q: Was the rival too much now?
A: They have very good players and itís difficult to counteract. Any team that goes to the Camp Nou plays like we did: leaving them the ball possession and waiting for any chance to steal the ball and create a dangerous move.

Q: How did you feel in your comeback against an opponent like Barcelona?
A: Well, well. Despite the result, I think we were fine in defense until the second goal, moment when we fell down a little.

Q: Now that you returned to the starting eleven, what errors or deficiencies were you able to find out in this team thatís living a negative streak?
A: Against Barcelona you can not judge particular problems as we only had twenty or thirty percent of ball possession.

Q: But in other games?
A: Against Racing we played more or less as at El Sardinero in the first round, when we won because we had a good play. There are certain details that we used to have in favour and that are now against us. Thatís what is affecting us now. Certainly there were games in which it seemed that the team was tired, but I think it was anecdotal.

Q: Has the season been too long for you? Because the team seems stuck.
A: I donít think it's the season. We have a good group and what we want is to go ahead. I donít think about that. Before we only needed a single action, a corner-kick to score a goal, and now it isnít like that. This happens to most teams, Atletico, Villarreal, Sevilla, and we're going to come out of the hole.

Q: How much worried is the team for its current situation?
A: Football is hard work and on Monday you have to forget Sunday's game. During the week we must ensure that no further errors will occur.

Q: Why it has been so difficult to see Piscu getting a spot on the team on this season?
A: Because our squad has class players and the central defenders have a great quality.

Q: But you only played two games in la liga. Itís something to not feel satisfied.
A: Man, satisfied? Everyone wants to play, to be a permanent starter, but we must accept the personal situation and try to learn as much as possible during the trainings.

Q: Can you learn playing so little?
A: Yes. There are other circumstances. Playing less, to be on the bench and to know how to seize the opportunity, those are also experiences that can be useful.

Q: Is this a setback or a break in your career?
A: I donít think so. If you play regularly you will learn much more than if you do it in six or seven games, but I work at the top in every training session, and I assume itís something that will be useful for the future.

Q: In two months you are out of contract.
A: So far I am very calm. With hard work everything will come later. Right now I donít know the situation and have to evaluate it with my agent.

Q: Would you like to continue?
A: I think so. If the club is committed to me, of course I'd love to continue. My future depends on whether the club keeps trusting in the youth teams, whether new central defenders are signed or if anybody leaves. I'm here at home with my family and friends, everybody supports me.

Q: But you will want to not delay any decision, especially the one of the club.
A: In the end what matters is to reach an agreement. The sooner you'll get it, the calmer you will be; I will have an assurance for the future that I donít have right now. If an agreement is reached at the end, then I donít mind it occurs today or in June 30.



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