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18 Apr 2010
First confrontation between these two coaches; Lotina was trying to be optimistic despite the nine casualties had for the game, while Lillo said that his team could be saved, but that he wants the three points.

Before joining Almeria, Juan Manuel Lillo Díez wasn’t a well-known coach outside of Spain, this despite the Basque man already coached four different clubs at Primera: UD Salamanca (1995/96), Real Oviedo (1996/97), CD Tenerife (1998) and Real Zaragoza (2000), plus Dorados de Sinaloa at the first division of Mexico (2005/06), and he even was the youngest coach at Primera División as he debuted in la liga at the age of 29. He was also a TV commentator for the FIFA World Cup 2002.

Perhaps the reason for his anonymity is that Lillo never achieved something important in his career as a coach, just the promotion of Salamanca from Segunda B to Primera, but things are changing on this season as the Tolosa-born manager has transformed Almeria from a candidate to relegation to a mid-table team. This is the first Primera confrontation between him and Miguel Angel Lotina.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday morning; he was feeling sorry for having nine casualties, but was saying that his team must try to break the negative streak, “You come with an idea for the lineup and in the end you end up losing players. This is an experience for me and we must also learn from these things. It has been the usual thing in the second round. We must have confidence in our people. We aren’t benefiting for been making so many change to the squad, but will try to beat a strong and fast team, a tough opponent, but we need to start winning,"

Later he talked of the casualties had for the game, “We knew Lopo was feeling uncomfortable since the game at Barcelona, he wanted to be in the match, also Lassad, but if he didn’t train today… We deiced to leave both of them out. Mista was fine from his previous injury, but lately is having other issues. The players going in from the B squad are entering, because they deserve it or because we don’t have anybody else at the first team. We aren’t picking anyone else just for the pleasure of doing it.”

Lotina also gave some hints about the lineup, “Theoretically, Ze Castro is going to play for Lopo, but I don’t discard the option of Piscu. In attack Riki and Adrian are going to play together, while Valerón will wait in the outside, because he has brought more things as a substitute and when the game is broken or when the team is tired and needing more ball possession, so we will follow the same pattern.”

The Basque manager also said that before thinking of the standings what the team needs is to break the dynamic of the past games, "It’s a most important match for the impression that we want to give than for the standings. Right now we can not be thinking about the table, but to break the streak. We have to offer something to the fans, especially attitude and desire to make things right. From there, the rest has to come."

"We have given away too many points. It's funny and painful because we were fourth, but it's reality. After twenty years of coaching this season taught me some things: a stunning first round, a second that was very bad, with several doubts and injuries and is enriching for me" He added.

Talking of the rival the coach said that, “Almeria is a team that plays well and that’s very physical, they have very strong people at the back zone and a lot of speed up front. It's an uncomfortable rival. It started the season with many doubts, like last year, but in the second round they are better."

Finally, Lotina was feeling happy after the club announced the renewal of Juan Dominguez with a professional contract lasting until the year 2013, "This is great news for the club. He’s going to, I believe, mark an important period at Deportivo. I see that he is a great football player, and I am very happy to see him staying at Depor."

Almeria’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday; he was saying that despite that his team is practically saved, they won’t relax and are ready to fight for the three points, “I wouldn’t like to feel the pressure to ensure the permanence at Primera, but we don’t assume the fact of winning a game as a necessity, but as an obligation, actually we always go out for the three points. So what’s up, that we should win a game and later go to sleep?”

Later, he was resting importance to the fact that Almeria has only added one point within its last four games, “The team was burning and after getting a loose situation is understandable that there has been some relaxation, but in a subconscious level. However, we must remember that we traveled to though places like Navarra and San Mamés, plus hosting difficult rivals like Mallorca and Real Madrid, and despite the results our sensations after the games were great.”

The Basque coach was also despising the negative moment lived by Deportivo, “The longer the spells, the closer they are to break it. Deportivo is a good team, they know what they are doing and have good players at the centre and at the sides. It isn’t an accident when they are leading in the scoresheet; Deportivo also knows how to be strong when they don’t have the ball.”

Finally, Lillo was asked about the lineup that he is preparing for the match and if he will make changes, but the coach only responded that, "It will depend on the characteristics of the rival and the resilience of the players after this intense week."



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