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20 Apr 2010
Perhaps the game in which Deportivo has received the hardest criticism on this season, the team didn’t lose the match, but the papers hammered the poor performance of Lotina’s team emphasising the whistles towards the players after the end of the meeting.

La Voz De Galicia Deportivo is closed for holidays. At the end of the first half Riazor said good-bye to its team with timid whistles. Undeserved punishment: the fair thing would have been a big concert of whistles, the same one that sounded at the end of the game. The players waved to the Riazor and took back the biggest blast of the last two seasons. The injuries, that unexplainable (?) epidemic, and to see several pillars paying the overuse of the first round have deflated a squad that dreamed with the Champions League and that now sleeps standing on the grass.

Only Almeria’s lack of punch prevented to see a Deportivo in holidays to come out thrashed from the Riazor. The Andalusian team was a cat without claws. It had the ball possession, criterion to move it, game by the inside and the outside, and a flood of arrivals. But it was "a harmless offensive team," according to Lillo. Following the game of words pronounced by the coach, Depor was a harmless defensive team, which lived the game locked at its defensive area, as it was having the inertia from the Camp Nou. Lotina’s team was a side without anything. No spark, no arrival, no pressure, and, of course, no football. It isn’t one of the phrases of Lillo, although it could be, that football is a state of mind. When you are very low (no matter for an injury, either because you are out of objectives, or for both reasons) your game is pure melancholy. This was the state in which the home team appeared, and it only came out from this depressed state when Riki was running or when Raul ran on the side.

Depor was even worse in the second part. All the defects of the first half were joined by a humorous touch: passes to the rival, shots to the Torre of Maratón, controls over the ball not even seen in Juveniles and even humoristic falls, like the one of Juan Rodríguez when he was going to be face Dani Alves one-on-one. Almeria missed its chances in all kind of ways: Aranzubia’s prodigious hand saved a header of Piatti, Sergio saved over the goal line a shot of Uche, and Ze Castro did the same after an effort of the same Piatti, although in the end the Portuguese ate a ball that was wasted by the friendly Uche. Neither Valerón, who was allowed to enter as he replaced Sergio, made the miracle. In reality, the miracle was another: to see Almeria leaving scoreless the Riazor. Rubén Ventureira.

Xornal de Galicia:  No one in A Coruña can overlook what Deportivo has achieved on this season, to ensure the safety  long before the final part of la liga is something that has a merit. Any good fan also knows that this team was not designed to fight for Europe, and that the aim was to not suffer in order to see us continue watching Primera football at the Riazor on next season. No one puts all that into question. But in games, or rather to say, during simulated games, such as yesterday’s one at the Riazor, are able to despair the more patient of the fans. What is worse: it isn’t the first time. And the saddest thing is that the fans are now associating to go to the stadium to watch their team as a boring thing, knowing that if there is football at five o'clock it’s guaranteed that there will be no show.

Yesterday, although it didn’t look like it, Deportivo was playing to be in Europe on next season. However, an objective of such magnitude was not sufficient motivation for a team to which the season is getting too long, and now every game is damaging its spectacular first round. The solid defense, the effectiveness in set pieces, and to play as a compact team have ceased to be the hallmarks of this Deportivo. Now, instead, we only found a plan game, defensive mismatches and total absence of punch. An innocent and fragile team that already accumulates eight games without a win, and that walks with more pain than glory at Primera División. Omar Bello

La Opinión A Coruña: Depor is dying without suffering. There still five matchdays, but in practice the season ended yesterday for Deportivo after giving away a tie that leaves the team with 44 points, in no man's land and aimless no matter the mathematics say that Europe is still possible. The 0-0 is good for nothing, although it’s a big prize as the game was. Fortunately, the rival was Almeria, because another opponent with a little more punch wouldn’t have had mercy. The Andalusians wasted too many chances and made the merits to take the three points stripping, for one more week, the shortcomings of a team, Deportivo, that’s chaining eight straight games without a victory. It’s dying in the final part of the tournament, but it does it without suffering due to the sweet consolation of having secured the salvation. Eugenio Cobas

AS: Riazor is one of the more sympathetic stadiums towards its team in Spain. The fans know that the Superdepor is history, and that the music of the Champions League has faded away, also that the strongbox of Lendoiro only has spider webs and that we only have what we have, also that injuries are part of every Sunday and that Depor’s first round was to the take the hats off... but everything has a limit. Thus, the fans crossed the river and whistled the team for the first time on this season. Eight games without a win, 3 points from a possible number of 24, and a superior Almeria were the triggers.

And that taking in mind that Depor didn’t start badly the game. Well, more like Riki, the only outfield player who is showing some level at this downhill. Of course Lillo needed less than fifteen minutes to take off the danger represented by the Madrilenian, who didn’t find his partners to lean on, he was gradually getting desperate. With Riki tied, Almeria took the ball possession, but neither was something to shoot rockets. The Andalusians frightened with the speed of Crusat, who showed the weakness of the defence. However, it was not until the second part that we saw a real opportunity. A cross of Uche that left Piatti alone. The Argentine headed the ball well, but Aranzubía was feline. His save and an error of Uche left a point in A Coruña and a clean sheet for the first time in months. The Basque keeper is doing a splendid season and deserved, at least, that minimum award. Luis De La Cruz

El Pais: The saddest face of Deportivo. In the varied display of football the most successful apology explains the downhill of Deportivo for the decompression after reaching the goal of the permanence, but at this stage all the earmarks of the team's slump, the worst of the second round, are more related to the inability than with the will. Today, without Lopo, Guardado, Lassad and Filipe, and who knows if even with all of them, Deportivo barely has enough to compete with the middle class of Primera División, and that taking in mind that this is one of the more mediocre seasons in recent years. The crowd perceives it, and although it has always been generous in the drift of its team, yesterday it felt pain as the zero to zero was the best thing that could happen.

Shortly after starting, Guardado put his hand to the leg and it’s already know that two months before a World Cup any problem becomes an alarm. Lotina, who had already had to rely on the B squad to complete the list, decided that no even in this condition there was a space for Valerón. With the team holding on pins he prefers to play with a false playmaker, a guy that will be obstructing the output of the rival. He opted for Pablo Alvarez, a winger, a dribbler, never a passing guy. Hurried for reaching the forty points to confirm the permanence, Almeria lacked punch to certify its good intentions. It had the ball possession and dominated the spaces, but when it didn’t die at the border, it did it in Kalu Uche, ominous in the definition, or Aranzubía, who saved a chance with an impossible hand, another, against a header from Piatti. "We missed blood," Lillo lamented. Everything is now squeezed at the bottom, so he'll have to resort to a transfusion. Deportivo doesn’t have that problem. That is its great luck and also its own merit. Juan L. Cudeiro



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