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20 Apr 2010
Frustration and sadness, those were the feelings after the goalless match against Almeria. The players and even Lotina prefer to talk of next season as Depor’s European dream fades way.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was concerned for the low point lived by his team, "We are worried, because our important people are too static on the pitch and you can notice that. We are a good team when everybody is fine, but we missed Lopo, Filipe, Lassad, Guardado... we are talking of important people. This is reality. It isn't easy to see this team winning games at Primera. “

“We have a quality team, but when they take away ten players… how many casualties did we have? It isn’t the same to be playing with all the starters. We missed quality for the casualties and because the people that mark the differences aren’t fine. Antonio Tomás isn’t playing like in the first round, neither Juan Rodriguez. Neither the central defenders are living their best moment, the season has been too long for Colotto. Neither can we play with two strikers, because our situation isn’t to be performing like that, we must have people defending.” He added.

Later the Basque coach was talking of the signing for the coming season, “In any team the summer’s job is very important; especially on here. We must guess right with those who will come. It’s fundamental. We need this. And we must work from now to July 8, not later. We must be wise with the signings. It's alright to play with five youngsters from the B squad, but it isn’t easy. We all like to have Galician players and all that, but this is Primera División, let's be serious. We have to think about next year, but not in making tests, but in the impression that we want to give, we must improve. The summer arrives and feelings should be better. About our position, in August I would have signed this situation, because it’s our reality. I renewed my contract, because I am sure we will be successful with the signings, and because I expect we won’t have so many injuries. I am coaching a champion of la liga, the Super Depor, and that’s a great pride.”

Pablo Álvarez knows that the European dream is over and prefers to think in ending the season in the best possible way, “ The forces haven’t endured until this point, now we can only think of ending the season in the best way, because we aren’t, individually nor collectively, in shape."

Dani Aranzubia was trying to be optimistic as he said that at least he team achieved the clean sheet, “Of course this is a bad streak, but at least today they haven’t scored goals against us, so we did some things well. When we were fourth we also had problems to win the games, what happens is that now we don’t have the same defensive solidity of the past and neither are lucky against the opposite goal.”

One of the most emphasised things after the game were the whistles heard at the stadium when the players were saying good-bye, about the issue the Basque keeper said that, “I didn’t heard the whistled during the game, but it’s normal to see the public demanding things from us after all this time without a win. Nobody likes to be in this situation.”

Zé Castro was also trying to have a positive reading from the game, “I ended content with my performance. I’m training hard in order to help the team in the remaining matchdays and reach my best level. Right now the goal is to end as high as possible.”

Juan Carlos Valerón said that, “We must recognise that we aren’t doing things right.” Later El Flaco talked of the situation with his renewal, “All things are fine and I am hoping to continue, besides the coach and the club wants me to continue.”

Iván Pérez didn’t have a good performance after replacing Guardado, something that he admitted to reporters, “I am a little desperate for not doing the right things, today I wasn’t feeling fine when I was striking the ball. The true is that the whole team is missing confidence and the fans know that we can offer much more.”

Even president Augusto César Lendoiro was pessimistic towards the performance of the team, “We aren’t able to score goals and neither to win the games, so our goal until the end of the season is to finish the things in the best possible way. I always was enemy of the Christmas vacations, and on this occasion it cut out our best moment.”

At Almeria, coach Juanma Lillo had mixed feelings as his team clinched a point though it deserved to win, “Hopefully we will be relevant in the next game as we were on here, but the true is that we were a harmless offensive team. If with the superiority that we saw and with the opportunities that we had you aren’t able to win then… we missed some blood, let’s see in the next game. It isn’t normal to have a long sequence of passes and to see your team arriving up front with so many attackers. But it wasn’t easy, neither comfortable, what happens is that we didn’t expect to be the protagonist in the game, especially for been playing as a visitor.”

The first scans made to Andrés Guardado after been replaced at minute 13 determined that he suffered an elongation at the adductor of his right leg, normally that kind of injury lasts between five and ten days to heal, but on Monday doctor Carlos Lariño was saying that the player, “Will miss the rest of the season, because we suspect the problem is a grade one muscular injury, so he should be out between three or four weeks, and that means what remains on the season.”

Regardless to Lassad, Lariño said that “Lassad will still facing the same problems until the end of the season, but we are going to follow a special program to see him developing his muscles and see him arriving at the top for the pre-season, because this programs normally last between three and four weeks.”




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