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21 Apr 2010
Depor is not only the worst Primera team in the second round, it’s also completing its own worst second round since its returning campaign to the elite of the Spanish football. Now the Galicians are not longer thinking of Europe.

Lotina’s Deportivo has only added ten points after fourteen matches played in the second round, two less that the points of Real Valladolid, this means that the Galicians are the worst team in the period. A dark moment that explains why Depor has passed to be aspiring to the Champions League to be spending the last five matchdays practically without aspirations of reaching the European positions.

Big part of the problem is caused by the negative streak of eight straight matches without adding a victory: 1-1 at Sevilla (matchday 26), 0-2 Vs Valladolid (matchday 27), 1-2 At Sporting Gijón (matchday 28), 1-3 Vs Getafe (matchday 29), 0-3 at Atletico Madrid (matchday 30), 1-1 Vs Racing Santander (matchday 31), 0-3 at Barcelona FC (matchday 32) and 0-0 Vs UD Almeria (matchday 33).

The historic negative record at the club is nine straight Primera matches without a victory, something that occurred twice: season 1946/47 (between matchdays 18 & 26) with Hilario Marrero as the coach of the team, and more recently on the 2006/07 campaign as Caparrós’ team wasn’t able to win a match between matchdays 08 & 16. This means that if Depor isn’t able to beat Valencia on Saturday then the Galician club will repeat the negative mark for a third time.

And there’s more, because the fourteen points added s far in the second round means the worst mark at the club since the season 1991/92, campaign that marked the return of Deportivo to Primera División. At the time Depor only added eight points after the first fourteen matches of the second round, in the end Depor only added fourteen points in whole the second round of that season and ended penultimate at the table, which led to the promotion series against Real Betis.

It calls that attention that only two years ago Depor added the double of points (29) after the first fourteen matches of the second round (season 2007/08), which meant that Deportivo was at that point the best team of the round, just the opposite to the present scenario.  

On Tuesday coach Miguel Angel Lotina was trying to explain the issue, “The first season was a little high, because the team was fine, fresh, and with the injuries we were forced to put people that wasn’t fine and that’s something we noticed. There are players that didn’t rest and they are squeezed and now even at the limit. However, we are content as things were in the whole season.”

Finally, the Basque man was promising that the team will try to show another face within the last five matches, “We will face rivals that are playing for something and must respect all the sides involved in the competition. We will fight with all our available weapons until the end. We aren’t on vacations and neither have we pretended to be on vacations. We want to respect the competition and the rivals.”



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