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11 Jan 2013
Caparr??s is announcing rotations for the next three matches. The tough calendar and the injuries of Andrade and Taborda will cause several modifications in the lineup that will be seen in Anoeta. The Sevillan coach has decided to present a defensive formation against Real Sociedad in order to achieve his plans.

The absence of Andrade is causing the return of Juanma to the starting lineup, he and Coloccini will occupy the central positions in the defensive line. For the moment it seems that Manuel Pablo will continue to perform on the right side, but H?©ctor is an option too. On the left side Enrique Romero will return to his normal duties.

Meanwhile, Capdevila will perform on the left wing and Sergio on the right. The positional change of the Catalan means that Lionel Scaloni will appear alone with Duscher in midfield. The offensive spots will be covered with the duo Munitis-R??ben Castro. This means that Diego Trist??n, Valer??n and De Guzm??n are losing their place in the starting lineup. However, they will probably have a chance against Real Madrid on next Wednesday; after all, the idea of Caparr??s is to use all his players available in the next week in order to face the effort of playing three games in one week.

The lineup that the Sevillan coach wants to use in Anoeta should be strange for the fans of Deportivo, but the intention of Caparr??s is clear: he wants to allow zero goals in this game. The presence of Sergio and Capdevila on the wings is a defensive tactic that aims to avoid complications on the wings, knowing that Kovacevic is lethal with the head the idea is to stop the crosses that can cause troubles to the defensive zone.

Munitis and R??ben Castro are very fast players and for that reason Caparr??s wants to use them in this game. The counterattacks and the strategic plays are the weapons that the Sevillan coach has in mind; in fact, Sergio, Rub?©n Castro, Munitis and Capdevila had a special session of work yesterday. These four men practiced shots from long distances, penalties, free-kicks and special plays on the wings. The idea is to create surprise and to keep an eye on the defensive sector.

The Basques were eliminated by Zamora in the Copa del Rey tournament. The frustration alone with the fatigue of the players are the main things worrying coach Jos?© Mari Amorrortu. For the moment he has the confirmed absences of Garitano (muscular injury) and Aranburu (suspended) for the match, but things could be worse if the absence of Nihat is finally confirmed.

The Turkish striker has suffered from muscular problems during the week and Amorrortu admitted that he's a serious doubt for the weekend: "He hasn't participated in the training sessions of this week and we may be obligated to play without him on Sunday." The Basque coach also expressed his worries about the state of his players: "My main preoccupation right now is the mental state and the physical condition of the players. The game has a singular taste since we could assure a place in the top of the table and for that reason we should be motivated for it."

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