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22 Apr 2010
On Wednesday Filipe Luis gave a press conference at Abegondo and talked of his recovery process and his comeback to the trainings. For him his quick return isn’t a miracle though the Brazilian doesn’t want to fix a date to start playing again.

Firstly, the defender wanted to assure that there is no miracle in his quick recovery, only the hard work of the doctors and physiotherapists, “Behind this, there has been a lot of work, although it isn’t over yet... The work does everything in this life. There is no miraculous recovery. I just had from the beginning the goal of returning before the end of la liga and here I am. Besides, I wanted to be a positive example to other people who have similar and worse things."

Later, Filipe was talking about his current situation after completing two training sessions, "I feel great. There are moves that are still complicate for me, because my body has still to adapt to football. With the ball I feel the same as before. Training with my team mates is different, I came home yesterday with a body full of holes, but it’s another life. I can not wait to come here and touch the ball with my team mates, every day is a new world for me. I'm really enjoying this."

Despite all the speculations saying that he will return for the home game against Mallorca, the player wants to remain apart from this comments, “I'm not going to put a deadline, my goal is to play some minutes at home although almost everything is decided. My aim was always to play again on this season. As the coach said yesterday, it’s important for me to forget the injury. As it wasn’t a kick during a play, I have almost no fear of training, but for me it would be important to forget that I spent a lot of time training alone, this to reach next season with another mentality.“

Filipe neither is forgetting the dream of playing the upcoming World Cup, though he knows is difficult, "It's a dream for me. There is a possibility but it is very difficult. Let me be clear: I will fight until the end although in the end my name is not on the list."

Some people appoints that one of the reason for the current problems of the team is the absence of important players like Filipe, but the Brazilian doesn’t thinks this is the problem, "I don’t think there is a before and after since my injury. It’s difficult to maintain a season as good as in the first round, now we're having a lot of games without a victory, but if I was at the team things would be the same. It's a shame to finish the season like this, but the team is very strong, everyone has hope and desire to overcome the slump."

Finally, the player told to reporters that he had a conversation with Gorka Iraizoz, the keeper of Athletic involved in the play in which he got injured, “Yesterday, he called me and said he was glad to see me already training. I told him that I gained a friend with this injury. He is a great person, has worried a lot about me and I'm delighted. If I can score a goal against him, the better, but just playing the game I would be more than happy. "



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