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22 Apr 2010
Richard Moar was interviewed by newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; the current sporting director of Deportivo talked about the present situation of the club and also about his departure to Udinese.

Moar has completed a cycle inside of Deportivo, he was a right-back defender when the team was at Segunda and later even coached Galician club Sada. He returned at the middle of the nineties and joined the staff of the club as a translator, later he became the sporting director of the club. He left to Hanover and returned in 2004. Now he leaves again in order to work for Udinese, Italian club that wants him in order to control the Spanish, Portuguese and South American market.

Q: Do you think Richard Moar will have a substitute?
A: The president is a hyperactive man and, possibly, he can do the same functions that I was doing.

Q: If you ask Lendoiro about your replacement he refuses to answer. Would you be surprised if the president himself ends replacing you?
A: I tell you that he can perfectly take my place, but the decision will depend on him. Can he do it? Of course he can, sure. That if he will do or not, I do not know. I didnít discuss this with him and neither is my business to ask.

Q: There will be a direct contact between the coach and the president, despite Lotina was claiming for a link.
A: But itís that Lendoiro always had a good relation with the coaches. With Lotina, in particular, has a very close and uncomplicated communication. The coach is a very affordable person and so is the president with the coaches.

Q: Did Moar had a good relationship with Lotina?
A: Yes, very well, it has been one of the best relationships I've had. Lotina hears everything and everyone, he studies what you expose to him.

Q: The structure at Deportivo is so particular that its sporting director doesnít seem to be the same compared to other Primera or Segunda clubs.
A: Of course not. At Deportivo, luckily, you are able to do this job in a calm and comfortable way. And that is because the president knows a lot about football. Lendoiro knows a lot and that lightened my responsibilities and my work, but didnít prevent me from taking some important decisions. In other clubs the presidents just put the money, they donít show up at the office and on Sunday are just sited at the stands, as it happened to me at Hanover.

Q: So, what has been your major role at the club?
A: To provide information on players and channel contacts and negotiations prior to the time of the signings and also to sign the contracts. In some cases there are problems that arenít arranged in eight or ten days, there are exhausting situations with many meetings just to get two or three improvements. There are also agents that, in the background, donít control their players when they negotiate their future and donít take quick decisions.

Q: In other clubs the sporting director has also been the spokesman. In Depor donít.
A: The president doesnít like that role since he thinks it does more harm than good.

Q: On these days Lotina seems concerned about the future of his team. He says the club hasnít spent on transfers and the economic situation isnít good. Do you predict hard times?
A: No. This year is confusing if you look at the last three months. The objectives are different. You should have a team playing well at Primera. Now there are no obligations to be in the UEFA or Champions League. There is a good base and a backbone with experience. Maybe you need a goal scorer.

Q: The coach asks for signings and some players can go out.
A: We need to sell and get some income, yes, but I believe it will only be one player, and in the worst case two, because the president never did it on his life. And only if heís paid well, according to the market price, because otherwise nobody leaves, I am convinced. He will move forward without being abused. In that sense Lotina can be calmed, and also the fans of Deportivo.

Q: Do you feel that your work at Deportivo hasnít been properly judged?
A: I think my job has always been valorised at the club as they think Iím a respected professional. From outside I have not been valorised as much, but it was my fault, I've searched for that. I have a primitive part and when I listen to tough questions I'd rather be anonymous and not mess up. These are uncomfortable questions that should be answered, but I have remained silent to not release visceral and harmful comments for me or the club. There are things that you should not say in difficult times.

Q: Are you going to feel more satisfaction with your new job?
A: I'm sad for leaving, but at Udinese I will have a simpler work and also important that excites me. Now I am 57, and I realize that everything passes or ends. But Richard Barral is at my side, he is younger and is a great professional.

Q: Will you still have a open door at Depor?
A: The president understood why I was leaving. I donít know if he would allow my return someday, but probably would not care due to the relationship that we have. I die for Deportivo and I am grateful. Without it I would have been, possibly, a person with a much lower economic means.



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