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23 Apr 2010
Lotina is about to reach mythic Arsenio Iglesias in the list of coaches with more games at Primera División, both men talked to reporters during a special act that took place at the Riazor.

Miguel Angel Lotina is reaching the mark of Arsenio Iglesias in terms of more matches at Primera División (363), but still far from the top three coaches with more games in the division: Luis Aragonés (757), Javier Irureta (612) and Miguel Muñoz (608). Both men had a special meeting on Tuesday, act that took place at the Riazor in front of reporters.

During the conversation with journalists both coaches praised each other, starting with O Bruxo de Arteixo, It’s a pleasure to be with Lotina, he is going in the right direction and wish him good luck, because he deserves it. He has demonstrated it as a coach, as a coach he is a gentleman and has my appreciation.”

Lotina responded, "Little by little you get older and is a proud, first by the numbers, and then to be with him (Arsenio) and said hello to him, because it left many good things as a coach and as a person. We all learned from Arsenio, Aragonés, Clemente, Jabo (Irureta). All taught us something, but I remain with Arsenio’s tranquility, what he’s transmitting, which gives much confidence to the people.".

A curious fact is that Lotina debuted at Primera during a 0-3 defeat of Logroñes against Deportivo, and at the time the coach of the Galicians was Arsenio Iglesias; Depor’s coach was remembering the game, “When I begun he was one of the references of Spanish football and it still is. I was the coach of Logroñes B, then David Vidal was sacked and debuted against Deportivo. I remember enough of that game and especially a player, Mauro Silva, who led us out of the field on a rainy day with a soft grass. Depor won well. Since then the strong Depor began to appear."

Arsenio replied with his well known humor, “You see Lotina without hair, then you see me with a lot of hair and think that the difference isn’t too big.” Later, in a more serious tone, the Arteixo-born man praised the current performance of Lotina’ Depor, “He is doing an extraordinary job, we all thought that he would have to work harder in order to achieve the permanence, and not so long ago the team was still inside of Europe.”

"What happens is that we get used to things, we want more and it’s very difficult when the box of money isn’t working, because quality players can only be bought, they’re not easily found. To ask much, much, it isn’t possible. I had good, tough and complicate moments. Before to the Superdepor all kind of things were happening and all the work was the same. But things were tough since I was a kid. There was nothing, not even the train, when I was born. You need to be fool to presume in football, because one day you win and in the other you lose or draw, and is foolish to be hangings of medals.” Arsenio added to end the conversation.



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