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24 Apr 2010
Eighth meeting between Lotina and Emery; Depor’s coach was saying that he will use a similar lineup compared to the one presented in Copa, while Valencia’s coach was busier defending himself against the critics.

Since the beginning Unai Emery has met with success in the world of football, but he hasn’t found any glory at Valencia, he started the season questioned for not been able to put Valencia at the Champions League for the current edition. Right now Valencia is third in the table and is qualifying to the biggest tournament in Europe, but the Basque coach still under fire due to the recent poor performance of his team; actually there’s a huge debate related to his possible renewal (he is out of contract in June).

Emery and Miguel Angel Lotina have met in seven previous occasions, and Depor’s coach was able to add his first win in the series at the start of January thanks to the 2-1 achieved by his team in Copa Del Rey. Four of the other seven games were won by Emery and the other two meetings ended in a draw.

Also, Lotina is reaching the mark of 363 matches at Primera División, same mark than Arsenio Iglesias, the coach of the “Super Depor” era. The ex-Real Sociedad coach is also the active coach with more games in the division.

On Friday Depor’s coach gave a quick press conference at the Riazor before making the long trip to Valencia; once again he was trying to invoke a reaction after the recent poor results, "We play for our prestige, for the shield on our shirts, to see our fans watching us doing a good match. This is often more important than the points. When you go out to the pitch wearing a shirt, behind the shield there’s a history, prestige, dignity... that should always be defended, and more against one of the fans’ rivals. The results are there and all starts by winning."

Later he gave a hint of the starting lineup that will be watched at Mestalla, “The difference between the team that will play in Valencia and the one that played in Copa is just… well, we miss the left side as Guardado and Filipe won’t play, but the rest of the team will practically be the same one, so there is no big difference. We made a great game there and are playing against a team fighting for the third spot, so they surely play with everything.”

However, the coach didn’t want to discard the presence of Raúl at the starting eleven, “"He has good things, we believe it may be an important player for Deportivo, but still have to do a little more. I believe he will be a Primera player in a short time. He has very good conditions; he ‘s very serious."

About the case of Juan Domínguez, he was saying that, “Maybe he should have rested ten or eleven days, but he wanted to continue. He didn’t rest and it’s a pity, because I wanted to giver him more matches. Tomorrow we have seven or eight casualties, but it’s the average since January. It’s a problem, but at the same time a chance to see some people that in other case won’t be playing too often.”

Mista was another of the players for whom Lotina had a few words, "When he’s fine, no one can deny his quality. He is very clever in a tactical sense and is very solid against the goal. We haven’t caught him at the top of his career, but is a great player. Now is fine, fresh and we will try to take advantage of his skills.”

Lotina confessed that his idea with Piscu is “To renew him, but it depends on him. He can stay, but only if he can have more presence. If for any case we will still have a lot of central defenders, if Lopo, Colotto and Ze Castro stays and if Aythami returns, then the best is to loan him out; that’s our initial idea.” Finally, the Basque coach said that the possible renewal of Riki means “great news, because he is a great player and very loved at the changing room.”

Valencia’s coach gave a press conference on Friday; the major part of the inquiries was related to his renewal and not to the game against Depor, “I understand this are the news for you, but there are no news. I know the media is an important part in this business; I either understand the opinions and the news, because is inside of this logic.” He answered.

In a recent pool made by the media the 60% of the voters were against his renewal, something that isn’t affecting the coach, “I respect all the opinions coming out from the fans, the true is that after the defeat against Real Madrid I would even vote against myself. I am self-critic; I spent a tough week after the impression that we left on the pitch, but the public must support the team and anyone trying to help the club. I’m just focused in what I can do in order to clinch tomorrow’s three points.”

Talking about the game and despite Depor’s casualties, the Basque coach was warning about the potential of the rival, “They are coming with important casualties, but it was the same when they played on here for Copa and surpassed us, so this is a clear warning for us. These three points are very important and we must remember that Deportivo is one of the few teams that have won at Mestalla.”

Later he talked of the attitude that his team needs in this final part of la liga tournament, “We must try to end third and for that reason the team needs to be aggressive and intense. We must be third in order to avoid the pre-round in Champions League. And for that we must self-impose an obligation. It must be high as we need to demand things from ourselves and the players are following that line.”

About the physical state of some players, Emery gave some hints about the lineup, “Bruno is in bad shape, he is doing a big effort and is playing with some discomfort that others do not endure. Marchena is right now ahead of Miguel, because he has more time training; Miguel has only worked for one week and isn’t ready for the full ninety minutes.”

Finally, during the week Joaquin said to an Andalusian paper that Emery has affected his and Pablo Hernandez’s growth due to the rotations, but Valencia’s coach didn’t give importance to the comments, “Joaquin is a good kid and doesn’t have malicious intent and at one point he makes a statement, but quickly realized that his words were misinterpreted. Tomorrow is a good opportunity for the players to claim themselves at the playing field."



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