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27 Apr 2010
Piscu became into the third first team player to be operated during this season; it’s also the newest of a long list of injury cases that has stroke the team during the campaign, something that has broken in two the plans of Lotina.

The worst news of the last game against Valencia wasn’t to tie the negative mark of nine straight games without a win, but to witness the newest injury case at Deportivo: Adrián López ‘Piscu’ , who broke his right clavicle during a play against David Villa. On Sunday he was operated in La Coruña and the doctors informed that the defender will be out of action during eight weeks.

Curiously, before the operation, Piscu met Villa at the airport of Valencia (Manises) and both talked to each other in front of reporters. El Guaje was trying to explain what happened in the play, “I jumped for the ball and after the collision I lost the balance, so I didn’t know where I was and then noticed I was over him. He was screaming and I realised that he could be harm. I just wish him the best and that could return to play soon, because it’s a pity he can no longer do it on this season.”

Both players were also commenting the fact that the injury occurred after the referee got confused and whistled halftime at minute 44, “I would have loved to see the referee not restarting the game, because nothing good happened, but this things occur.” Villa said. “It was a case of very bad luck. He whistled the end and then gave one more minute, and just then I got injured. Clearly there’s nothing I can do. It was my destiny.” Depor’s defender said.

Piscu is the third player of the first team that has needed a surgery on this season; first it was Colombian Brayan Angulo and later Brazilian Filipe Luis. Without forgetting that at Fabril there were two more cases as keeper Marcos Valín and defender Diego Vieytes were operated in order to correct a knee problem.

And to mention that the injury of Piscu is just the newest case that strikes Lotina’s squad, because during this season the doctors have been forced to treat twenty-three cases considered as “serious” ones and that forced the players to miss at least one official match. For the moment Andrés Guardado (muscular) joins Piscu in the list of players that will no longer perform on this campaign.

The Mexican even received permission to travel to his country in order to accelerate his recovery and join the national team ahead of the World Cup. There are other two players that might also miss the remaining matches to be played in May: Juan Dominguez (ankle sprain) and Albert Lopo (Thigh and peroneal). Both are almost discarded to face Zaragoza, and could even return until the pre-season.

All these problems have just complicated the plans of coach Miguel Angel Lotina, who has been forced to search for several alternatives, sometimes desperate measures, in order to cover the gaps, and it’s that the Basque coach has not only complained of the absence of key players, but also of the low form of some men that have been forced to play Sunday after Sunday.

At least Filipe and Angulo may be returning before the end of la liga as both left-back defenders are in the final part of their recover process. Also Juca has returned from Brazil and seems totally recovered from the muscular problems that have sidelined him within the last three months. He trained during the weekend and it’s expected that today he will join the group.



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