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28 Apr 2010
Depor’s coach still trying to convince his players that they are defending the dignity of the club, this after accumulating a mark of nine straight liga games without a win. He also asked the fans to respect Lafita for Saturday’s game with Zaragoza.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina gave his usual press conference of the week after Tuesday’s training session; he started the conversation with reporters asking for support and to avoid any demonstration of hate against Lafita, "I would ask the fans to encourage us as never before, and to respect Lafita because he gave us a lot. He had an exemplary behavior here and defended the shirt of Deportivo. If you don’t applaud, at least we should not insult him because he deserves it. "

Later he continued with the same speech of past weeks about the obligation to fight for the prestige of the club, this after Depor lost its European chances with the negative streak of nine straight matches without a win, “We can not allow the gossips, don’t want to enter into comments of any kind. It’s a vital game, because there are many teams stuck there, and we have to fight for the dignity and prestige of the club."

No matter the recent poor form of the team, the Basque is happy with his players, this for the impression left in the game against Valencia, “On Saturday we were the Deportivo of the first round. We have won many games, both at home and outside, doing less or more than in Valencia, like in Santander or Tenerife. The game on the other day was very close and that's what we wanted: to be the team of the first round, because we had lost the intensity. Now we must do the same at home, that’s the challenge."

An interesting comment was the one related to the possibility of signing new wingers for next season, “All year long we had the problem of the wingers. It isn’t new. The system will not change, because the team is more comfortable playing like this, with four defenders and four men at midfield instead of three at the centre and weird things like that. From there, it's what we have; we can not do too much or try anything new. It has been the same problem all season long, and we want to solve it for next year.”

Talking about the striker zone, the Meñaka-born coach talked of Lassad’s fitness, “Lassad is fine, a little anxious and I talked to him, because he wants to convince in the minutes he is having and wants to play well in all areas of the field, but things aren’t like that. It’s difficult to sign a striker better than Lassad for next year. If he is fine, it would be the best signing."

Lotina also talked of Riki’s renewal, “His new contract means good news for us, because things are tough in the market since there’s a lack of strikers. Besides, he is a player loved at the changing room. Maybe he won’t score fifteen goals, but will score a good number and in that aspect, it’s great. It’s a success and he also seems to be happy.”

Finally, Lotina explained the plans of the team for the pre-season, “It has been signed to play two friendly matches in Switzerland, one in Berlin (Germany) and later we will return home. It’s isn’t clear yet to play in England, because we have several alternatives. A game against Tottenham (Hotspurs) and later to return or to play three or two games on that week: there’s also an offer to go to Athens and face Olympiacos, because the environment is the same one of la liga, and I moved to that because we are interested in that kind of matches.”



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