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30 Apr 2010
Juan Carlos Valerón signed today a renewal for five years, but the midfielder will only spend one more season as a player, because after 2011 he will be a club official. It isn’t known yet the role that he will have, Lendoiro just said that he will be the right hand of the president.

President Augusto César Lendoiro and Juan Carlos Valerón signed on Thursday the continuity of the Canarian player at Deportivo. He was ending contract in June and has signed an extension of five years, but it isn’t a typical renewal, because Valerón will only play one more season at the first squad, and for the other four campaigns he will remain as a club official. In this way El Flaco will retire from football at the end of the season 2010/11.

It wasn’t defined the role that Valerón will have after his retirement, it’s well know that he likes to work with the youngsters –he already has the permission of the Spanish federation to be a coach- but Lendoiro said during the press conference that took place at the Playa club that the midfielder could be “the right hand of the president and the agent of the club wherever Depor goes.”

During the press conference Valerón explained that what moved him to take this decision is the confidence of the president, "I've always said that if he believes that I can contribute something to Depor, then I will be delighted. It’s very important to know they want me to stay. We have many things in common in a sporting sense. The initial idea is to stay for one year and depending on things we will see what’s best and where I can help more. "

Later, Lendoiro was emphasising the importance of the event, “We are before the first big news of what the future of the club will be. We wan to define the future and it should be natural. I am not a person that likes to involve the players, but we neither had a combination of a player with a very high level and a solid performance in a sporting and human sense, but we had to find the person. Valerón is not one more player.”

And it’s that Valerón is only the third former player that will occupy a spot as a club official during the era of Lendoiro, the other two were Richard Moar and Eduardo López ‘Beci’. The first one is the current sporting director of the club, though he is leaving to Udinese for next season, while the second was one of Lendoiro’s advisors.

The renewal of Valerón also means that he will continue battling in order to enter into the list of the top five Depor’s players with more games at Primera División. Currently El Flaco is tied at the sixth place with mythic keeper Juan Acuña (230), only surpassed by Fran (435), Mauro Silva (369), Donato (303), Manuel Pablo (283) and Sergio (250). At the same time, Valerón will be the third player with more years at the club, he will have 11 years at Depor at the moment of his retirement, while Franspent 17 and Mauro Silva 13.

Despite that Valerón was always a popular player among the fans, the true is that a large part of the public is now aware that the Canarian has lost his presence in the starting lineups. After his two straight knee injuries El Flaco only performed for 817 minutes on the 2008-09 season, campaign in which he only played three complete games. On the present season the playmaker accumulates 958 minutes in 20 matches, but without completing the ninety minutes in any match.

President Augusto César Lendoiro is pretty busy within the last weeks; he firstly signed the professional contract of youngster Juan Dominguez and at the start of the week he authorized the renewal of striker Riki until 2013. Now he is signing the renewal of Valerón and in next week it could be the time for Colombian Brayan Angulo and Basque keeper Dani Aranzubia.

And there’ more, the president already contacted the agents of Piscu and still negotiating with the father of Sergio, both are the other two players ending contract in June, while in the coming weeks Lendoiro is planning to negotiate with the agents of Lopo, Juan Rodríguez, Antonio Tomás and Adrián, all of them ending their contracts in 2011.



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