04 May 2010
Defender Albert Lopo talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and tried to explain the negative moment lived by Deportivo. For him itís a matter of been stuck in a negative dynamic that affects the mentality of the players.

Q: It seems that rivals are defeating Deportivo as you did in the first round. Solid defense and seizing the first chance...
A: That's right. Now, everything is the opposite of the first round; Itís happening to us what was happening to some of our rivals. Yes itís true that there is a slight improvement, but it isnít enough to achieve what we all want, which is a victory.

Q: At the back zone things have improved, but the offense is worse: four games without scoring...
A: Itís clear that the goals are the most important thing in football. In addition, we are a team that when it scores a goal it becomes stronger, and now the opposite is happening to us, because they score against us, and then we donít find a formula to score, and in that way it's impossible to win.

Q: A formula you used to score goals was the set pieces. Have they discovered the trick?
A: Maybe. But beyond that, before we were scoring goals even with the ass, or the back, and maybe we were winning games that perhaps we didnít deserve to win, and there's no way to score a goal. In these last few games the team wants to do things right, but is isnít enough.

Q: At least you run...
A: Yesterday [on Saturday] the team sought the victory since the first minute and you canít blame anything related to our work, but it wasnít possible although we had our chances. However, they seized their first opportunity and it was the only time in which they had a clear chance.

Q: The team has spent ten games without a win. Do you know that it is negative record at Primera?
A: Unfortunately we have had that record, but donít want to think is important because it would be a mistake to focus on negative records. I think that we should remain of the positive things on the season.

Q: And what are they?
A: The first round. Ahead to next season we have to mark the objective of making an entire season like the first round of this tournament.

Q: So, do you think that this bad dynamics wonít affect results for the next season?
A: Every season is a different world, and the team is experienced enough to know how to disconnect. On next season we have to start with a different mentality and make the first round of this tournament.

Q: The injuries continue. Lately, almost one per game...
A: In this second round the issue of the injuries has raised, but these are things of football and we mustnít hide behind that to justify our poor form, but it really affects to have important people injured.

Q: Why the team has sunk? Injuries, physical problems, relaxation after achieving the permanence?
A: Itís true that the team was already saved in the first round, but I wouldnít name those reasons. In the second round we have had good games and we didnít won, and in the first there were some matches in which we were bad, but still won. You get into a negative dynamic, and you end trying but without achieving anything.

Q: How did you saw Rochela and Raul?
A: Rochela was quiet, which is important for a central defender. He has a great future. Raul also looked good. It's nice to see kids been promoted like that.

Q: Any advance on your renewal?
A: There was a first contact in the recent past, but since then nothing more.



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