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18 May 2010
The season 2009/10 wasn’t good for striker Lassad; he just played in half of the 38 liga matchdays and only scored twice. Now he is planning to return before than anybody else in order to be physically prepared for the new campaign.

Lassad Nouioui lived new problems with the injuries during the season that has just ended, the doctors at the club knew that his hamstring muscles were too short and that he needed a special and longer pre-season work in order to face the regular competition, but the Tunisian didn’t do it since he asked for permission to marry during the past summer.

He even arrived late to the pre-season stage and later paid the consequences, because the physical trainers weren’t able to work with him as they should and the player spent the half of the season struggling with several issues. He even traveled to France in the middle of the season as a desperate measure trying to recuperate the good sensations that he no longer was feeling at Abegondo.

In the end the striker just played in nineteen of the thirty-eight matchdays of the liga season scoring only two goals. More was expected from one of the players appointed as a one of the revelations during the past season. Now he will try to avoid the mistakes of the past, he already went on vacations (the rest of the players will train until Thursday) and the plans is to see him returning on the second week of June, this means almost one month before than anybody else (the pre-season starts on July 8).

The idea is to strengthen the muscles of Lassad and in this way prevent further muscular problems; he was commenting to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña his conclusions of the season 2009/10, “Truly it was a bad season in a personals sense, which makes me feel sad, but I prefer to remain with the positive things, because you can learn from everything. During the summer I will work harder in order to be fine.” 

“In a global sense I believe the team made a good season, solid in the first round, and less good in the second due to the large number of casualties that we had. I believe we have an important team, with young people and players that have been performing together since a while ago; we also have the same coach. This will allow us to make a better season on next year. On this course we were at the edge of achieving good things, and it’s a pity, but I’m convinced that in the coming season we are going to do it.” The striker ended. 



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