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19 May 2010
Important draw of Depor B at Burgos; Ramallo’s team showed the needed maturity to hold on the score against a strong rival at home and even had some chances to win the game. Now the promotion to Segunda B will be defined at the Riazor.

Burgos FC was feared by coach Tito Ramallo for two reasons; first for its aerial game, because the 70% of their goals during the regular season were scored in aerial plays, which was logical taking in mind that they have very tall players, like central defender Fernando Colina (height 1.95m). The second was the impressive record of Burgos at El Plantio stadium, and it’s that the team coached by Javier Alvarez had spent more than one year without suffering a home defeat, while it’s last defeat in liga occurred on November of 2009 (0-1 at Aguilar).

That’s why Ramallo decided to present a team build up for the counterattack; it was a 4-3-2-1 formation with Diego Rivas at the goal, Diego Seoane at the right-back position, Raúl Garcia on the left, while the couple at the centre of the defence was composed by Castillo and David Rochela.

At midfield, the line of three pivotes was composed by Héctor, captain Dani and Richi, this last one was the only Juvenil A player that took part of the encounter. The line of two playmakers had Luis Ángel performing towards the right wing and David Añon towards the left. The surprise was to see Joshua Corrales starting as the central attacker, while Hugo Garcia was sited on the bench.

It was a confrontation between two teams that play football in a very different way; Fabril is more used to the combinative game and knows how to seize the counterattacks, while Burgos is a team that abuses of the aerial game and the long throws. Without forgetting that the composition of both teams is the opposite as Depor B is full of youngsters while Burgos has several veterans. The key to understand the 0-0 is that both teams missed to exploit their virtues.

And it’s that Burgos never felt comfortable on the pitch and its set-pieces always ended in nothing, mainly because the shooters (Zazu and Txitxo) lacked aim or because the tall players of the local team were well marked. Meanwhile, Depor B spent the major part of the first part locked at its side of the pitch and started to release its counterattacks until the second part, but the aim also failed in the two big opportunities had by the Galicians.

The game started with Burgos having the initiative, their first approximation to the opposite area was on the boots of Francisco Javier Martínez ‘Txitxo’, the Pichichi at the team, through a direct free-kick that passed close to the post (3’), it was the only set-piece action that caused some problems to Fabril.

In the next play striker Manuel Blanco ‘Nel’ had an attempt to score as he eluded two rivals to end releasing a drilling shot form the edge of the area that Diego Rivas sent to corner-kick. It seemed to be a promising start for the team of Castile & Leon, but the true is that it was the only shot on target completed by them in the whole game.

But neither Depor B was doing too much in attack, actually the Galicians never made a shot on target in the match and steeped into the rival area until minute 25, it was an effort of Joshua that a local defender cleared to corner-kick. The strategy of Burgos meant to play with Borja Plaza and Rubén Espinosa attacking by the right wing and also to try to seize any stationary play, but despite they had the ball possession the true is that Diego Rivas didn’t have to intervene in the rest of the half.

For the second part Ramallo replaced Richi with Chirri and the modification gave more depth to Fabril as he became into the most dangerous player for the visitors. Something demonstrated in the first minute of the second half as he made a long run on the left that ended with a drilling cross into the area that didn’t meet a receiver. That was the first big opportunity of Depor B in the game.

The final part saw the best of Fabril; the visitors started to find the holes at the defensive line of a rival that was more nervous as the minutes were passing, which was perfect to launch fast counterattacks that allowed Fabril to look as the most dangerous team on the field. But Ramallo’s team never ended the plays and actually it left the pitch without completing a shot on target.

Burgos’ only chance in this half came after midfielder Carlos Alonso ‘Zazu’ sent a cross from the left that Borja sent over the crossbar. The last fifteen minutes were more opened and Fabril had its biggest chance in the game at the 77th minute.

Once again with Chirri as protagonist, the play was started by Añon on the left wing, then he released a cross that local keeper Mikel Aurrekoetxea ‘Aurreko‘ deflected, but the ball went to the far post, place where Chirri tried to score as he chipped the ball, but his effort just went over the crossbar.

Ramallo was aware that the result was positive and for the final ten minutes he ordered to his players to waste some time and hold on at the back zone, he also contributed to this making his final two substitutions in this stage of the game. The first was to replace Joshua with Hugo Garcia, and in the final minute he put a third central defender on the pitch as French Karl replaced Añon, tough it seems that the idea of this last change was to use his height in attack, but the defender didn’t have any chance within the few minutes that he spent on the pitch.

Positive result for a Fabril that behaved as a veteran in the first-leg of the playoffs to Segunda B; the team was solid in defence and spent the first part speculating at the back zone, and in the second it released its offensive game through counterattacks, though it wasn’t able to create too many opportunities and neither to score a goal.  The whole defensive line was solid and completed a perfect game while Chirri was the most dangerous player in attack.

Now the second-leg will be played on Saturday at the Riazor (18h00 CET), Depor B only needs to win the game in order to achieve the promotion, a new 0-0 result will take the match to extra times, while a draw with goals will give the pass to Burgos, this since the goals scored in the visiting condition count as double in a tiebreak. The loser of the series will still have the chance to be promoted as it will play two more rounds against the second, third and fourth places of the whole Tercera season, teams that currently are playing the first of three rounds in the playoffs. 

Burgos: Aurreko - Urbano, Colina, Jonathan, Nené - Borja (Pablo Sierra 88’), Jacobo - Txitxo, Zazu (Maureta 70’), Rubén Espinosa (Zamora 58’) - Nel.
Deportivo B: Diego Rivas - Seoane, Castillo, Rochela, Raúl - Dani, Héctor, Richi (Chirri 46’) - Luis Ángel, Añón (Karl 89’) - Joshua (Hugo García 83’)
Referee: Josu Berasategui. He showed yellow card to Txitxo and Joshua.
Venue: El Plantío (4,500).




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