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20 May 2010
A roller coaster season; it’s the only way to describe a liga campaign in which Depor did the best in the first half just to lose everything in the second. And it’s that Depor broke all the possible records in this weird and strange season.

There were some concerns before the liga season started; Lotina’s team didn’t play so well during the pre-season and one week before the kickoff it lost 2-4 in Pamplona against Osasuna in a match that was leading 2-0 at halftime. But those doubts were gone as the liga season started; this no matter the opening game in the competition was a defeat: 2-3 at Real Madrid.

What happens is that the rival in the debut was the new Real Madrid of Florentino Pérez, the multimillionaire project that was menacing to achieve all the titles. In the end Depor gave hard battle to the Madrilenians and was close to achieve a draw. Two weeks later Depor was conquering its first victory in the competition as it defeated Malaga at the Riazor (1-0).

The score wasn’t a coincidence as it was the first of seven 1-0 wins for Depor, to have in mind that Lotina’s team added thirteen triumphs at the end of la liga, which means that more than the half of the wins were narrows 1-0 scores. Then the first disappointment of the season arrived as the team lost at home against RCD Espanyol. It was the first poor presentation of Depor on the season and some players paid the price for it, like Ze Castro, who lost his place in the starting eleven against Diego Colotto.

What followed was the best streak in the league with four straight victories: 3-0 at Xérez, 1-0 Vs Villarreal, 1-0 at Tenerife and 1-0 Vs Sevilla. It was the streak that allowed Depor to reach the European positions; places that the team never abandoned until the second round. Those four consecutive wins also meant fourth straight clean sheets and to see keeper Aranzubia establishing a personal record of minutes without leaking a goal (416).

Then another dark spark came as the team lost against Real Valladolid at the José Zorrilla (0-4); it was the biggest defeat suffered by the team on the liga season. It was marked by the presence of Adrian and Riki playing at the same time as starters, something that Lotina was not going to repeat until the second round.

What followed was another positive streak with 10 of 12 possible points added: 1-1 Vs Sporting, 2-0 at Getafe, 2-1 Vs Atletico Madrid and 1-0 at Racing Santander. Results that once again gave hope to the fans and that put Depor as a clear aspirant to Europe. But immediately things changed as Depor lived its first negative streak on the season.

It was a period of four matches in which the team just added three points: 1-3 Vs Barcelona, 1-1 at Almeria, 0-0 Vs Valencia and 0-0 at real Zaragoza. It was just a warning of the things that were going to happen in the second round. At least Depor was able to end the first part of the tournament adding six of the last nine points in dispute: 1-0 Vs Osasuna, 0-2 at RCD Mallorca and 3-1 Vs Athletic Bilbao.

This last win was a tasteless triumph as everybody will remember the match for the serious injury suffered by Filipe Luis. In the end Depor completed the first part of the season with a solid performance that meant 34 points in 19 matches, enough to end fifth, just separated from the Champions League zone by the goal difference.

Nobody saw it coming, but Deportivo was at the verge of completing its worst second round; no matter the reason why -injuries or lack of ambition- the Galicians just added thirteen points in this part of the liga championship, number that left Depor as the worst team in the second round of la liga 2009/10.

And all started after Real Madrid broke the spell of the Riazor with a 3-1 win in La Coruña, which was the first win of the Madrilenians at Depor’s stadium since the season 1991/92; this result was followed by a grey 0-0 draw in Malaga and a new disappointing match against RCD Espanyol (0-2).

Then Depor showed some reaction as it defeated relegation troubled teams of Xérez (2-1) and Tenerife (3-1), though in the middle Depor lost at Villarreal (0-1), team that was starting its ascension to the European places. After those results Deportivo played its last solid game on the season during the 1-1 draw against Sevilla.

At the time the result gave hope to the fans as the game practiced by the team at the stadium of one of the candidates to end occupying the Champions League places was more than acceptable, but the irony is that this match just marked the start of the worst streak in the history of the club as Deportivo spent eleven straight matches without adding a victory; an unseen thing in the centennial history of the club.

Once again Depor lost against Real Valladolid, this time at the Riazor (0-2) and during a match that, alongside the one with Espanyol, should be remembered as the worst home encounter on the season. The match also marked the end of the European dream as the Galicians were for the first time in five months outside of the top six positions. And Depor never returned to those places.

Actually what followed was a downward spiral that started with the polemic match at Sporting Gijón (1-2), a defeat that occurred after the Asturians were awarded with a penalty at the last minute. Soon Deportivo demonstrated that it was already dead on the liga season as it lost against Getafe at the Riazor (1-3) and in the visit to Atletico Madrid (0-3).

Then Depor achieved a disappointing draw at home against Racing Santander (1-1); it was a match that the Galicians were winning since minute 1, but the team was already surrendered and ended dropping two points. The result was followed by the defeat at Barcelona (0-3) and a new flat game at the Riazor in the fourth 0-0 of the season, this time against an Almeria that deserved more.

It seemed that Depor was reaching the bottom as the Galician team suffered three new defeats: 0-1 at Valencia, 0-1 Vs Real Zaragoza and 1-3 at Osasuna. The goal against the Navarrans was the first in four games and the Galicians were at the edge of breaking their negative record of minutes without scoring a goal. At this point the players were already defeated in a mental sense.

Those were dark days and the fans were already losing the patience, as result of this there was a protest against the players before the home game against RCD Mallorca and the Riazor had its worst attendance in years (only 7,000 spectators). At least the team was able to break the course as it achieved a 1-0 win, but it was useless as all the aspirations were gone. The game also marked the return of Filipe Luis. And the season ended with a 0-2 defeat against Athletic Bilbao, which was the first win of Caparrós after his exit from La Coruña.




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