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20 May 2010
May 19th, 2000 will always be a special day for Deportivo, because on that day the club conquered its first liga championship. Now, ten years later, the authors of the “miracle” share their memories.

The media in Spain is remembering the ten years that have passed since the liga championship of Deportivo; it was Friday, May 19th, 2000 when the team coached by Javier Irureta was defeating RCD Espanyol at the Riazor (2-0) with goals from Donato and Makaay. Now, ten years later, the protagonists remember those glorious days.

Javier Irureta: “Ten years have passed and it has been really fast. What memories! I watched the video with my son a few days ago and I was excited. I’ve lived a lot of battles and am not a child anymore, but those were pretty moments, unforgettable memories, and must admit that I was really excited. There are a few things that I don’t remember, but the major part is there. People cheering us up when we were going to the stadium, the first goal, the second… it was great. I am happy and proud of been able to participate of that success. Football always gives you the chance of revenge and Deportivo deserved a liga. Luckily, I participated in the event”

Lionel Scaloni: “I remember that we played on Friday and until Monday I don’t even looked at the bed. We spent, practically, three days without sleeping. What a party! It will be difficult to repeat it and for that reason you enjoy it twice.” 

Fran: “Football has unfinished business with several clubs and at the time it had one with Depor. After all the suffering we deserved the title. It wad for us, the city and everything.”

José Ramón: “I remember everything, the changing room, when we colored our hair, the champagne, the dinner at Playa Club, the walk in the bus smoking a cigar and embracing my brother. It was the only cigar I smoked in my life.” 

Djalminha: “We had a group that made history. The exciting part was the ovation at Maria Pita. It was wonderful.”

Naybet: I will never forget the joy of that entire people. It marked me for the rest of my life. The party was awesome. The first thing we did was coloring our hair blond.”

Slaviša Jokanović: “Before the game we were going to the stadium and were asking to ourselves in the bus if something like the penalty of Djukic could be repeated, but also knew that we couldn’t fail and we did it. The celebration was impressive.”

Victor: “I was lucky to win a liga with (Real) Madrid, but to do it with Depor is more complicated. You can not make comparisons.”

Enrique Romero: “I remember how supportive the city was with us, the whole Galicia and also the joy you could see on the streets.”

Donato: “Each time I visit Maria Pita I remember the day of that celebration; the euphoria of that moment was unique.”

Manuel Pablo: “We weren’t nervous. Actually, we drew the matchday before in Santander and were close to celebrate it at that pitch. It was my second year at Deportivo. I remember the city, how people were on the streets… everybody was prepared for what was about to come… a big party.”

Fernando: “For me it was the biggest success; it was an explosion of joy, especially for the fans.”

Iván Pérez: “It was a great joy for us, for the people, the club and also for the city.”

Ramis: It marked me for the rest of my life, the walk in the bus, the visit to Maria Pita. It was unforgettable.”




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