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23 May 2010
The players will have six weeks of vacation, but it doesn’t mean they won’t do anything during that period of time. Actually, the coaching staff already gave them the instructions about what they should do.

Since Thursday’s evening the players of Deportivo are on vacations and they won’t return to the training camp until July 8; however they won’t be inactive within the next six weeks, because the coaching staff wants to see the players working by their side in order to reach the pre-season stage in the best possible way; This not only to avoid injuries, but to have a proper level since the beginning.

Physical trainer Eduardo Dominguez has divided the vacations period in three stages, he explained the first to reporters, “After this long period of competition we recommend a physical and mental rest. Within these six weeks, our idea is that within the first two the player should be disconnected, this means that he shouldn’t be doing anything. If someone is carrying a problem then he can go to a hotel or any place where he can be relaxed.”

The second period involves starting a physical activity, not necessary related to football, the objective is to see the players beginning to stretch the muscles. There isn’t a specific plan for each player, but the coaching staff suggests to practice swimming, paddle or cycling, "I don’t even need to mention it, because they already have a habit and know what to do. It means aerobic endurance work, maintenance of the resistance, strengthening of the abdominal muscles ...” Dominguez explained.

Finally, the last two weeks means to start a more serious physical work; but without a high physical demand, "In theory, what we suggest is to complete between 14 and 16 sessions in the four weeks before starting the pre-season. It’s their tool of work and they know they must be careful. It is very rare to see a player arriving with overweight. Perhaps one or two pounds above normal, but even some of them come back with less weight, because by lowering the sporting training they lose a pound.”  Depor’s physical trainer said.

The planning is different for the players that ended the season injured. Filipe and Angulo were already recovered for the last matchday in liga, but still need to continue working in order to not have a relapse. For that reason they will continue completing a series of strength exercises, while the other two injured players, Juan Dominguez and Piscu, will continue with their recovery process as they would normally do during the regular season.

Dominguez also wanted to left clear why is so important to be physically fit for the pre-season, “Other teams with more potential can assume things with more calm, but Depor is forced to yield at the highest level since the first matchday, because the primary target is to achieve the permanence. The points added in September have the same value than the ones conquered in May, but if you don’t add them then you are forced to do it in May, and perhaps it will be too late.”



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