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15 Jun 2010
Newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa made an interview with coach Miguel Angel Lotina; the Basque talked of the reinforcements, the pre-season and the reasons why his team fell down at the end of the past liga campaign.

Q: You already have two reinforcements: Michel and Saul.
A: They are two young players. The pity is that we could not get a buyout option over Michel, but we're happy. Saul is a player who can progress a lot and means a zero-cost transfer.

Q: What could be their contribution to the team?
A:. Michel means goal; he has the facility to score the goals. Heís a second striker that works hard and that offers a very strong physical performance. He isnít Valerůn, neither Verdķ, he means more help at the opposite area. Heís a player who helps you to win the games. Saul has quality, a good ability to shot on target and also releases good crosses with both legs. He isnít aggressive in the recovery of the ball, but runs a lot at both sides of the pitch.

Q: If Michel plays as a second striker, does it mean that Juan Dominguez will be a pivote?
A: Since this year he will work with us from day one, so the idea is to see him playing at midfield. On the past year he didnít do it too much and this year we want to place him there. As he showed us on last season he will play at midfield and in some games, mainly outside home, he will be the second striker, but at the Riazor always as a midfielder.

Q: We will see more new faces, no?
A: We are looking at things. We are waiting for what will happen with Filipe Luis. If they make an offer, we are dependent on what players may come.

Q: Will they be attacking players?
A: Yes. Above all we want another second-line player that can perform on the left, or even at both sides, so that Guardado could have some competition. And if we can get something in attack that can add things that we donít have right now, then we will sign him.

Q: If the exit of Sergio is confirmed, will you hire a player of similar conditions?
A: Maybe. In these two positions, midfield and attack, we donít have a necessity, but if someone interesting appears that can contribute with things... We are not forced to sign on those positions, but if Sergio leaves we will have an empty spaceÖ

Q: It surprised a bit the exit of Mista, but it was something you already had planned.
A: I talked to him about what had occurred in the previous two years and, although it is hard, he understood. We brought him with the utmost enthusiasm, butÖ he has put everything, but there were some problems that didnít allow him to have continuity, and if you donít have it in the daily work then is difficult to yield. He has understood.

Q: It was your bet, do you understand his exit as a small personal failure?
A: It's a risk that you assume. When I came here, I wanted him to sign for one year under some conditions, but the market forces you to do other things. We knew the risks, but the agent didnít accept the initial idea.

Q:  Is there another player in a similar situation?
A: Bodipo told me two months ago that he wanted to enjoy playing and that he wanted to leave. I told him that he wasnít part of my plans and now we are looking at possibilities. His case is different, we arenít going to cancel his contract, the logical thing would be to loan him out for one year, to see him demonstrating some things and to have the chance to play.

Q: In Mexico they say that you have spoken with (Edgar) Pacheco...
A: I've never talked to him. It is a good footballer, but I havenít talked to him. Maybe someone called him saying he was Lotina, but not me.

Q: A month after the end of the season the balance remains positive, but it is difficult to understand that bad second round. Were the injuries so vital?
A: For me there were three important situations: the injuries, which had much weight; the month of January, that left us very affected with so many games and that meant the start of the downturn; and finally the game in Gijůn, match that made a lot of damage. We felt affected and never knew how to control that rage. We werenít smart. Those were the three keys. All three are important as a whole.

Q: You will serve a fourth year. It is the first time as a coach in which you spend so many years in one single team. Have you changed?
A: I was at Numancia during five seasons in two stages: three in the first and two in the second. This is a challenge, because it is a club that doesnít change coaches so often. What worries me now is the routine, so I want to do different things. For example, in the pre-season we're going to Switzerland, Greece and England, these are things that we have never done before, so the player wonít say itís the same thing every year. That will be the dynamic of everyday, continually doing new things.

Q: When you arrived you said that you didnít like to spend a long time in the same place, has that nomad soul disappeared?
A: Not at all. What happens is that I am feeling comfortable on here and am listening to my family. It is difficult to find a president like Lendoiro, with whom you can work at ease; and the environment at the changing room is also very comfortable, but I always like to change.

Q: You spoke before about the pre-season, will you start the work at Abegondo?
A: Yes, first at Abegondo and then we will work in Switzerland and Germany, which means seven days. We have a game in England, another in Athens, but we are looking for more in England to stay more days there.

Q: The promotion of Fabril was the best thing that could happen, right?
A: It's much better, because Tercera Divisiůn is misleading, Segunda B means an important step. In this level you can find semi or professional teams and the jump to Primera is closer.



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