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16 Jun 2010
It seems that Sergio won’t continue for next season; his father told to Sportpaper AS that there’s no communication with president Lendoiro and that the deadline to decide his future is June 30.

The lack of communication between Deportivo and midfielder Sergio has continued; on the past month the Catalan player was complaining because Lendoiro has forgotten his renewal case. And the problem is clearly related to the compensation that the club has to pay.

The contract signed between Sergio and Deportivo is complex, it was ending in June of the past year, but it had a clause that was automatically renewing the midfielder for one more season, this since he took part in a certain number of games. The conditions were fulfilled and he stayed at Depor. At the same time the club and the midfielder renegotiated the terms in order to sign a new contract.

Sergio agreed to low his salary, but wanted to include a payment of €1.5 million as part of the deal and as compensation since the previous deal was establishing this amount as a penalization for not renegotiating a new deal. The problem is that Lendoiro didn’t want to include this payment as part of the salary, because it will mean that, in case of a lack of payment, the player will be able to reclaim that amount to the AFE (Players Association) and therefore it will push the club to pay the debt as soon as possible.

It should be remembered that any amount included as part of the salary is considered as the “primal” payment of the player, and if the clubs don’t fulfill this primal payment then they becomes candidates to be relegated as the AFE can denounce these before la liga. That’s why Lendoiro always like to establish low amounts in the salaries and high amounts in the compensations, because these last ones aren’t considered as part of the salary.

There’s more in the case of Sergio, because the player was earning €900,000 for the past season, therefore including the taxes the cost of having the midfielder for the past season is up to €4 million, a luxury for a struggling club like Deportivo. That explains why Lendoiro has been trying to avoid the case.

On Monday the father and agent of Sergio, Avelino Fernandez , told to Sportpaper AS that he has low expectations about the continuity of Sergio at Depor, ”It seems impossible now to reach an agreement with Depor; If we haven’t done it in one year, within fifteen days... Our deadline to reach an agreement is June 30.”

"You never know what can happen in football, and maybe tomorrow I can get a surprise, but it seems unlikely that we will sign a new contract. I haven’t talk to Lendoiro, but I think I will call him next week I will make one last call. Honestly there isn’t too much to negotiate, because we are in situation of ‘yes or no’, there is no middle answer. " He added.

Finally, Avelino Fernandez has admitted that some clubs have shown their interest in the midfielder, "There are some teams that have asked about his situation, because they want to sign him, but we haven’t negotiated with anyone due to our respect for Depor."



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