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18 Jun 2010
Yves Desmarets arrived to La Coruña and passed the medicals; before to his presentation he talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and gave his first interview as a Depor’s player.

Q: You had more offers. Fulham, Auxerre, a renewal offer from Vitoria and others from Portuguese clubs. Why you have decided on Deportivo?
A: Because Deportivo is a powerful club, a great club in Spain and Europe, a side that participated for many years in European competitions. A team that now has good players and that fights to return to Europe.

Q: What players do you know?
A: Well, I know all by the name, because I played against Deportivo in the last pre-season. I also know the Riazor Stadium for a friendly match [played in October 2007]. I am very happy to play with those men and hopefully in doing a good job with Deportivo job on next season.

Q: Have you spoken to coach Lotina?
A: No, not yet. My agent [Carlos Gonçalves] talked to me and told me that this would be a great opportunity.

A: You can now play in a more competitive league...
A: My agent told me that I had the opportunity to play in Spain, and I hardly thought about it, because that was what I wanted, and more since the chance was at Deportivo. I'll be able to play in the best tournament of the world, the Spanish La Liga.

Q: Do you consider yourself as a versatile player?
A: Yes, I play at midfield, at the left wing, but I can also perform more focused at the centre. And can adapt to the left-back position, where I have also played.

Q: Curiously, in your native France you didn’t have the opportunity to play at Primera...
A: I had the chance to play in the Second Division. Then the coach of Vitoria Guimaraes came to look for me and I spent four seasons in Portugal.

Q: You'll be 31 in a few days, and has had a delayed explosion. Is this your best moment as a footballer?
A: There are players at their 32 or 33 that on this season have played well at Deportivo [presumably refers to Manuel Pablo, Sergio and Valerón]. My age doesn’t have to be scary. I have to show my qualities to thank Deportivo for the confidence they have placed in me.

Q: And what are those qualities?
A: I don’t speak of my qualities; I just demonstrate them on the field. Many players say 'I do this, this and this' and then do nothing. I will only say that I am left-footed.

Q: You will compete with Guardado...
A: Great player the Mexican.

Q: The left wing, with Filipe and Guardado, is the best side of the team. Did you know it?
A: They are two good players, and I can only say that I come to work for as long as possible to be ready to play.

Q: Actually, you hardly get injured.
A: I played the 90% of the matches in Portugal.

Q: At Depor you have a peasant, Lassad, born in Marseille. Do you know him?
A: Only by the name.



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