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19 Jun 2010
During the presentation of Desmarets, president Lendoiro explained to reporters the state of the possible exits of Filipe and Guardado, while he also talked of Sergio, Ze Castro and the expected money for the transfer of Lafita.

As its normal, Augusto César Lendoiro used the presentation of a new player as a platform to talk of other subjects; this time he seized the introduction to the fans of Yves Desmarets to analyze the situation with the exits and possible arrivals for the coming season.

First to all, the president welcomed Desmarets, “We suspect that our relationship with the player will be a long one, this according to what Lotina thinks. I already told him that he has arrived to a city where nobody is a stranger. It isn’t that he will feel like being at home, it is that he is at home. We hope that he, his wife and his children, will enjoy of the good environment and the food of the city.”

Later, Lendoiro answered other inquiries of the journalists, starting with the case of Filipe Luis, “It is true that we have an offer from Atletico (Madrid). In a global sense there is no agreement and we neither are close to have a deal, but, as the relation between the three parties is fluid, we could have an agreement at any moment. Right now there’s nothing. Maybe we could have something tomorrow, in one week or in one month, or maybe never.”

“We haven’t had any new conversation in recent days therefore we must wait and avoid complications. But for the moment it it’s the only clear and concrete offer.  Also, the operation could be wider, because it isn’t only a matter of paying a transfer for a footballer. It’s more complex than that and could involve an operation at three sides. It could include other players or don’t.” He added.

A thing that called the intention is the fact that Depor’s boss affirmed that Depor will go to the market in case that Filipe or Guardado are sold, ”We have reinforced the sides at midfield, just as Lotina asked. Now, if Filipe or Guardado leaves, then we will have to search for something new at the market.  That’s another planning. There are a few alternatives, but I hope they won’t leave.”

He was also asked about the status of Sergio’s renewal, the answer was that, “It could be very easy or very difficult. It all depends in keeping the concepts and the same text of six, seven or eight years ago and that’s currently linking the relationship between both parties. It isn’t the same to reach an agreement for the future than not reaching an agreement for the present.”

There was also room for the situation of Ze Castro, ”There is some interest from a Portuguese club, but we don’t have any agreement and neither offers. What I can tell you is that we already paid one of three parts of his clause to Atletico.”

A thing that has created uncertainty in la liga is the fact the owner of the television rights, Mediaproducción, S.L. (Mediapro), has asked for protection against its creditors, which is putting in danger the incomes for the football clubs. For the moment the president of the Galician club is trying to remain in calm, “. "We will have more information on Monday’s meeting in la liga; we don’t know what really happened. We have the information of Mediapro and Sogecable, but we have to put it together and must remain calm"

Finally, Lendoiro said that the club hopes to collect one and a half million Euros in the coming days as part of the buyout clause of Lafita, and denied to speculate if the Aragonians have the money t make the payment, ”It isn’t good to look to other’s people problems, because you don’t know what you have at home. Take a look to Mallorca and realize what’s going on (the UEFA is studying the financial situation of Mallorca after a demand presented by Villarreal).”   



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