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21 Jun 2010
On Saturday Depor’s veterans conquered the Copa Del Rey of indoor football after defeating Real Betis (10-4), which means the fourth title in the three seasons disputed in the league.

New triumph for a Deportivo that has became into the leading force at the indoor football league; on Saturday the squad of veterans trashed Real Betis in the final of Copa Del Rey. It meant the second title on the season after conquering the league one and a half month ago. It’s also the second double for the team after three seasons disputed.

The Copa Del Rey was disputed between the best four teams in the league (first four places); the semifinal against Real Sociedad was harder as Depor’s veterans could only achieve the victory until the last minutes of the encounter (11-10), meanwhile Betis was eliminating Real Madrid.

But the final was easier as the score was 4-0 after just twenty minutes; in the end the team of veterans didn’t suffer and led by Djalminha it clinched an easy 10-4; the Brazilian scored three goals, while Donato scored twice.

Deportivo: Elduayen, Carou, Donato, Manuel, José Ramón, Fran, Manjarín, Nando, César, Repi, Djalminha.
Betis: Illanes, Jaime Quesada, Aurelio, Monsalvete, Stosic, Antonio Reyes, Pedro Jaén, León, Cipri, Oli, Batalla.
Goals: 1‐0: (2’) Donato, 2‐0: (11’) Donato, 3‐0: (20’) Djalminha, 4‐0: (20’) Fran, 4‐1 Aurelio (25’), 5‐1: (28’)  Repi, 6‐1: (32’) Djalminha, 7‐1: (37’) Manuel, 7‐ 2: (40’) Monsalvete, 8‐2: (42’) Nando, 9‐2: (44’) César, 9‐3: (50’) Aurelio, 10‐3: (57’) Djalminha, 10‐4: (59’) Cipri.
Referee: Raúl García de Loza and Ricardo Alfonso Álvarez. They showed yellow card to Jaime, León (Betis) and Manuel (Deportivo).



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