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23 Jun 2010
The new incorporation of Deportivo, Jonathan Urreta, talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and explained his expectations of joining the Spanish La Liga.

Q: Are you happy with your new destination?
A: Yes, so far nobody has told me anything, neither Benfica nor Depor, but if I go there, I will be very happy and will try to seize the opportunity.

Q: It is hard for you to find a place at your club.
A: Yes, I joined the team at the age of 18 and didn’t enjoy of too many minutes there. I was on loan at Peñarol from Uruguay, and now I will have the opportunity to play at the Spanish league, which is a very important step for me.

Q: You will meet again Quique Sanchez Flores.
A: He made me debut at Benfica, with him I had more minutes than with the current coach [Portuguese Jorge Jesus].

Q: You also had Spanish colleagues.
A: We had Reyes, Balboa... Spanish players and I have a good relationship with them. The coach relied heavily on me, he gave me a chance; I played many games as starter, but for various reasons couldn’t continue playing: they changed the coach, but the reality is that he gave me a chance and I am very grateful to him.

Q: Do you know that you are arriving to the club where Martín Lasarte triumphed in Spain, he was your former coach at River Plate?
A: I know him, but I was younger and I didn’t have him as a coach, but was with my brother.

Q: What do you know of Depor?
A: It’s a well known club in Uruguay, because many Uruguayans have played there and they were fine. Abreu, for example, Munua, Taborda ... Many have passed over there and I have to take the opportunity, because it is very important for me.

-Q: Have you talked to any of them?
A: No, not yet, but I have to call someone to give me any accurate information. For now I am calm and eager.

Q:  Is it a surprise for you?
A: It's a dream for me. I always wanted to play in Spain and if it is at Deportivo, which is a great team, a well known club, with a history ... I am very happy with that.

Q: Do you play on the right or left?
A: I can switch to both wings. I do not mind playing at both sides, but I prefer to play on the left, although I am right-footed.

Q:  Do you know any player from the current squad?
A: Yes, I love football and I see all the teams. I know Guardado and many others.

Q: Due to your characteristics you can be taking the spot of Guardado.
A: [He laughs]. That is very difficult; he is a very important player and very loved over there. But I'm going to train and join the team, I'm not thinking in taking the place of anybody. I'm just thinking about playing; you have to be quiet and wait.

Q: You just have completed a good season at Peñarol.
A: Yes, here it was very difficult. The team spent seven years without winning the league, and now we did it. I am very happy about that, because I did very well on here.

Q: You scored the goal that gave the title.
A: I am a winger that likes to attack and can perfectly enter into the penalty area in order to score a goal

Q: And people say you are very fast.
A: It's one of my virtues, I am very fast, but well, I hope nobody will know it, so I can surprise with that [he laughs].

Q: Your surname is Basque, do you have Spanish ancestry?
A: I have relatives in Spain, but nobody in the Basque Country. They live in Barcelona.

Q: The trainings start on 8 July. Will you arrive before?
A: I'll stay a couple of more days on here, and then I'll be coming to Spain. I'm looking forward to arrive in order to train with my new colleague.



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