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25 Jun 2010
Once again Depor’s coach said that he is satisfied with the moves made by the club in the summer window; he’s saying that a fifth signing will only be made if Filipe is transferred, but at the same time leaves a open door for a new striker.

Deportivo has completed the major part of its signings for the season 2010/11 in a record period of time; and it’s that the club already signed four of the five reinforcements that coach Miguel Angel Lotina was requesting for the new campaign, and all before the start of the pre-season stage. Now the coach talks to Sportpaper AS and affirms that he is already satisfied with what he has.

First to all, Lotina says that he is relieved, because the arrivals of Desmarets, Michel, Urreta and Saúl are bringing more depth to his squad, "The team is now more balanced. Last year we had problems at the second line of attack. Now we have four new players in that area and that’s a tremendous advantage"

Later the Basque man emphasized the qualities of the four reinforcements, ”All transfers have been approved by myself. Urreta is a kid that we think it will succeed, and that will be a high level player. He's fast, has a goal, is brave and is very competitive. He’s similar to Guardado, but faster and it plays more as a winger. Michel will add goal to our team. He has a strong presence in the area and provides much effort. Desmarets gives us work, he only loses a few balls; he has quality and brings attempts to score. He is an unknown player, but the fans will like him. And Saul is a solid player in one-on-one situations, also with the capacity to release good crosses, and a solid shot with both feet "

A key to understand what could happen in the rest of the pre-season is to know that Lotina is affirming that no more signings will be made, the exception is if Filipe leaves or if a interesting striker appears, "It’s enough with these four reinforcements. Although Guardado and Sergio leave, we will not sign any other players for these positions. We will only do it if something big comes for the striking line or if we transfer Filipe Luis.”

“The idea is that no one else will come, this if Filipe doesn’t leaves; another thing is that we aren’t looking at any specific player, especially for the striking zone. If we meet a man that can add goals, then we will make an effort, but it’s something that it isn’t obsessing us, and will not be easy. We know that if a great player is at our reach, as it happened with Urreta, we can’t miss it. If we sell Filipe maybe we could have an option in the team that’s buying him [Atletico Madrid and Diego Costa]. " He finalized.



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