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26 Jun 2010
Miguel Angel Lotina gave an interview to Riazor.org and analysed the new signings of Deportivo plus other aspects like the cases of Filipe, Alex and Guardado.

Recently we talked about what Michel and Saul could bring to this team, what can you tell us about Urreta and Desmarets, the two latest additions?
A: Desmarets is a player with a lot of work, very strong in a physical sense, with a major technical quality and that knows how to protect the ball. He isn’t a real winger, but is a player of great work and quality. Urreta is more like a winger, almost joining the attacks. He’s very fast, with lots of character, very competitive and that can bring the goals.

Q: Both (Desmarets and Urreta) perform on the left. Is there any serious offer for Guardado that’s driving the arrival of two players for that position?
A: It has nothing to do with Guardado. We signed Desmarets, because we want to have more options up front. Later it appeared the possibility of Urreta, who is looking very interesting, different, young and with a buyout option. Today there is no offer for Guardado.

Q: Like the case of Filipe, the problems come with the amounts asked by the president. ..
A: If there’s a very good offer for Guardado he will be transferred, but we will never going to sell him at any price, neither him nor anyone.

Q: You asked for five signings. Lendoiro replied "let’s be quiet"; that if the club was going to sign reinforcements it will be less than that number. But in the end Lotina won. It seems that you are gaining weight on this Deportivo...
A: Here we all are Deportivo, Lendoiro and Lotina. The market has taken us to this. We were happy with three signings, but Urreta has appeared and we believe it can be very interesting, because he’s a player that can break the lines and we have great faith on him. The president, when he thinks there is a signing that could bring things we don’t have and that can improve the team, is the first one that pushes hard to make things real. He was also hopeful when the issue of Urreta appeared. We are all happy.

Q: In Jerez there’s the comment that you will keep Alex Bergantiños and Aythami for next season. What will happen to them?
A: Aythami will start with us and Alex is seeing what opportunities he has outside the club. Alex's theme will be studied later; we will look at offers that the club may have.

Q: Both, the first team as Fabril, seem to have made things on time and with great tact. Is this the most tranquil summer for you since your arrival to A Coruña?
A: Maybe. They are doing things quietly and that gave us an advantage during the negotiations. The promotion of Fabril has helped a lot. Right now there is a lot of coordination between Tito (Ramallo), the president and I, and we know what is being signed for the B squad, also the kids that will make the pre-season with the first team...

Q: Will any of the new signings at Fabril start the pre-season with the first team?
A: Maybe they will start with us. These are things I have to comment to Tito, if he sees that there are things that may interest us we will promote them.

Q: With Sergio more outside than inside the club, and with the signing of a promising André André for Fabril, do you think of him as a substitute for the future?
A: André André comes for the B squad, as others, anybody shining there will be promoted, but now will play for Fabril. I do not know what will happen with Sergio, these issues are taken by the president. When is done he tells me, period. I do not overwhelm him.

Q: With the creative line better covered than ever before, will you pull Juan Rodriguez and Juan Dominguez to the pivote functions?
A: Last year Juan Rodriguez did it well in a position not normal to his characteristics, but he did very well and brought us out of trouble. But this year we want to return him to his natural position. About Juan Dominguez, let’s see how he adapts to midfield. There will be games when he will play a little behind and others in which he will be a little advanced. He will have a much more specific job.



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