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27 Jun 2010
The club presented the kits for the season 2010/11; there are some novelties in the traditional Blanquiazul uniform, while the second will continue to be black. The third will be presented next week, but itís rumoured it will be purple.

On Friday Deportivo presented the kits for the season 2010/2011; the new uniforms of the first squad were presented by central defender David Rochela, while the uniforms of the youth teams were presented by AlevŪn A player Charlie. For the second straight time the kits were made by Italian sports apparel manufacturer Lotto Sport.

The first is the traditional Blanquiazul kit; the big difference with the model of the past season is that this last one had three blue strips in the front, while the new kit presents seven strips that are thinner, plus a triangle detail on the neck. The short and the socks will continue to be blue. The sponsor of the first team will continue to be Estrella Galicia, while the youth teams will be sponsored by Leyma Natura.

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The second kit will continue to be black; the difference is that last seasonís kit had pink details in the neck, the sleeves and a pink line in the upper side of the front, now the details will be golden while the transversal line is gone. The short and the socks will also be black.

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The club didnít present the third kit; instead it was announced that the design will be shown to the public during the coming week, but website Riazor.org already announced that it will be a purple design. Itís the major modification compared to the kits of the past season, because last year the third kit was white, while the new one is a purple shirt purple with white details, a white short and white socks.




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