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29 Jun 2010
Andrés Guardado ended his World Cup dream with a bittersweet taste in the mouth due to his role at the national team of Mexico; he was the sixteenth Depor’s player that took part of the biggest sporting event in the planet.

There were high expectations on Andrés Guardado ahead of his participation on the FIFA World Cup 2010, but in the end the Mexican winger wasn’t able to expose his virtues in the tournament, mainly because coach Javier Aguirre clearly preferred other options.

And it’s that Guardado only performed for 114 minutes in the four matches that Mexico disputed in the World Cup: 35 against South Africa, 45 against Uruguay and 61 against Argentina. Depor’s winger started on the bench in the opening game against South Africa and entered to the pitch when his team was losing, then he was left on the bench during the 2-0 win over France, which was the only triumph of the Mexicans in the tournament.

The third and last match of Mexico in the group stage meant the first appearance of Guardado as a starter, it was in the 0-1 defeat against Uruguay, but the winger was replaced at half-time. Then he repeated his presence as starter in the second round clash with Argentina and was replaced at minute 61. In this last game Guardado had a decent performance and even had a clear chance to score when the scoresheet was still 0-0.

Many people was hoping that Guardado was going to explode in this World Cup, a performance that could increase the market price of a player considered among the two main assets of the club, but the true is that Depor’s winger didn’t have too many chances to prove his value. It was even rumoured that there was a confrontation between the player and Aguirre for his scarce presence at the Mexican team, though this was denied by the same player, as he told to reporters before the meeting with Argentina, “We’ve talked and things were clarified. A lot of things have been said, but nothing is truth.”

Guardado was the sixteenth Depor’s player that has been picked to play a World Cup; the first one was mythic keeper Juan Acuña in 1950, more recently Bebeto and Mauro Silva played and conquered the World Cup in 1994, four years later Depor had its biggest presence in a World Cup as five of its members played the tournament, all of team were Africans: Bassir, Hadji and Naybet with Morocco, Songo’o with Cameroon and Rufai with Nigeria.

In 2004 Deportivo had four players in the biggest football event in the world, all of them at the Spanish national team: Enrique Romero, Valerón, Diego Tristán and Sergio, and in the previous World Cup, Depor had three men in the event: Argentineans Coloccini and Scaloni and Paraguayan Roberto ‘Toro’ Acuña. Portuguese Ze Castro could have been the number seventeen in the list, but he was discarded before the tournament after been included in the preliminary list.



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