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30 Jun 2010
Central defender Ze Castro gave an interview to Sportpaper AS; the Portuguese doesn’t want to admit that he wants to leave, but clearly left an open door for a transfer during the summer.

Q: How are you after a season so negative and with an ending so unexpected?
A: I feel very well. Clearly what I imagined last summer hasn’t occurred, but in the end I was delighted for been picked by Queiroz. It is clear that, despite everything, people know what I'm worth.

Q: Did you overcome the disappointment of not going to the World Cup?
A: Yes, yes. I know that Portugal’s coach supports me, because I have had many conversations with him. It’s clear that I am going to play again with Portugal, that's my goal.

Q: It seems that the call of Portugal pulled yourself together after the worst season of your life...
A: That's right. I am very happy and looking forward, because I know which player I am, and because people value me. I didn’t live a good season and I've realized that the career of a footballer is short and we must seize to the maximum. When you realize...

Q: Since a long time ago your agent has been seeking for an exit, but in recent days he has recognized that there are some difficulties. Will you leave Deportivo or will you stay?
A: We'll see what happens. I left everything in the hands of my representatives; I am just calm and enjoying my vacations.

Q: Will you be back in A Coruña on July 12?
A: If today were that day, it is clear that I would have to travel to A Coruña.

Q: If you can’t be sure about that it must be for something, right?
A: There are things out there and we'll see what happens, but it’s also true that there are termination clauses, presidents... We must seek the best for me and the club, as I have always said.

Q: You said before that you could not return to live a season like the last one. Do you still maintain your words?
A: Sure, it is beyond doubt. Something like that… it can’t happen again.

Q: Your agent said a few weeks ago that it won’t be easy to have great offers for you, because on these days there are no big transfers. Do you agree?
A: It all depends. Now is not easy to sell anyone, because there are only three or four teams who pay fortunes. To see Queiroz picking me for the national team showed what I'm worth and now the door out could be opened or not. I will always be grateful to Deportivo and if I continue, I'll do it with all the motivation in the world.

Q: Sometimes, as much as a footballer is united to a club, the paths of the two must be separated. Do you see it in that way?
A: Inevitably, because this is football, but above all is the respect and I always have it



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