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02 Jul 2010
Central defender Adrian Lopez ‘Piscu’ is staying at Depor for one more season; the initial idea was to negotiate a two-year contract, but it was impossible and the club is executing a clause in the previous contract.

Last week, the agent of Adrian López ‘Piscu’ (Eugenio Botas) said that the renewal of the Galician central defender was going to be for two more seasons, “Let’s see what happens. The renewal is close to happen, and it will be for two more years, not one. We still have to talk.”

But in the end he couldn’t reach an agreement with the club, therefore and in order to keep the player, Deportivo was forced to execute a clause in the previous contract. This is a normal clause that’s always present in all the contracts of the players promoted from Fabril. The clause stipulates the option of the club to extend the contract for one more season.

It also stipulates that any club wanting to sign the defender has to pay €1.5 million, even if the defender is out of contract. It also forces the club to improve the wages of the player as he will now earn 7% more. The reason why a two-year contract wasn’t signed is that the agent of Piscu was asking for a better salary, while he didn’t accept the initial proposition of Deportivo. So, if both positions still the same, the Galician would leave the club in 2011.

Now the player has to decide what will happen with him, and it’s that Lotina already has six central defenders and the Basque coach already said that the best for him is to go out loaned. The problem is that if he doesn’t sign a new extension of contract then he will practically leave the club since now. For the moment there are no clubs interested in the ex-Fabril, he was offered to Betis, but the Andalusians prefer Aythami Artiles



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