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07 Jul 2010
Ex-Fabril Alex already knows that it will be difficult to find a spot at Deportivo’s squad; for the moment he isn’t sure about what will happen on the pre-season, but still dreaming of performing at Primera wearing Depor’s shirt.

Despite midfielder Alex Bergantiños has had two solid seasons at Xérez CD, it is clear that there’s no room for him at Deportivo ahead of the season 2010/11.  And it’s that the competence of Juan Rodriguez, Antonio Tomás and Juca seem to be too much for him.

During the past week the Galician midfielder talked to Depor Sport and confessed that he is conscious that his near future is outside of Depor, “If I tell you the truth, I am not very optimistic in the sense that my position is already covered by the same people of the past season. There are many and all of them with a great level.”

The only exit has been Sergio, but perhaps his profile is different as he’s more offensive, and for the defensive tasks we already have Juan Rodriguez, Juca or Antonio Tomás, so the position is well covered. Clearly my biggest hope is to stay on here, but the coaches are the ones that should judge if I have improved my level.  I guess they will be sincere and will tell me their plans as soon as possible.” He added.

Later he explained that the idea is to start the pre-season with Depor’s first squad, ”For the moment they have said that I will start to train, I guess that later the coach will talk to me and will tell me what he wants for my future. For the moment nothing is clear. My agent asked what my situation was and the answer was that nothing was already defined. The truth is that, if Deportivo decides to not count with me, my agent will search for things and then we will take a final decision, so nothing will caught me by surprise.”

No matter the situation, the truth is that Alex still dreaming of playing at Depor’s first team, “ It is clear that what any player wants is to play, and my big dream is to be able to debut with Depor, but if there’s no room for me, then I neither want to stay occupying a spot. Last year things were different, the issue was extended due to the renewal of my contract, but I think that on this year we have enough time. Things are stopped with the World Cup and I guess things will be slower. “

 ”Things will be resolved little by little and I hope that everything will be solved soon. If it can’t be at Depor, then the first option is to try to sign for a Primera club. I know it is complicated and that the market is difficult, but that’s my dream and will always be the first option.” He finalized.



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